Tuesday, February 19, 2013

sometimes we stop and play

There's a park on the drive home from preschool. Sometimes we stop and play for 20 minutes before we pick up Danny at his school. It's been a while though. Winter tends to put a damper on the park playing.

That Cate of mine loves the park. Even if it's covered in snow.

I'm a little wary of it in the winter since the bathrooms are locked up from October to April. Dumb. I've considered toting around one of those little potty training potties so we don't have any accidents. For now I just make sure I've got wipes and an extra big cup just in case.

Today both were used. No details necessary. And I tell you what, as I walked with that big cup over to the trash can I thought to myself gee, cathy, you're such a good mom. always prepared. And also, this is so gross. i hope she realizes some day how awesome i am. 

It's mostly all worth it when I push her on the swings. I don't think I ever see her happier.


Marisa said...

Do the park people not understand how aggravating it is for parents when the bathrooms are locked in the winter?? We had the same problem last week. I didn't even think of a big cup. We left and drove to the nearest bathroom. You're a genius. I need to find a big cup.

Vanessa said...

You take really beautiful pictures