Thursday, January 31, 2013

one month down

Goodbye, stupid January. You were way too cold this year.

As much as I hate summer and all the heat and sun and not putting kids to bed until 9:00 because it just never gets dark, I might hate January more. Or maybe it was just this January since there were way too many days of single digit temperatures and a sheet of ice on the road in front of my house for weeks.

And I'm pretty sure my house has never been so messy with toys! toys! toys! for so many consecutive days in its history (and it's pretty old, like 70 plus years old).

My kids are squeaky clean thanks to all the just do something to fill the time since we can't go outside baths they've been taking. That's a good thing at least.

I'm not expecting any greater things out of February but at least there's Balentime's Day to look forward to.

And just to end January on a sad note (which seems fitting), I found out yesterday afternoon that Danny has his first wiggly tooth. He said it happened when he was trying to separate some Legos. I swear I just about cried. He seemed equal parts nervous and happy. I'm not sad that it means he's growing up. I'm ok with that. I'm just sad that his cute little baby teeth smile is coming to an end. It'll be ruined forever. He's going to have holes in his mouth and big, weird bumpy teeth there instead. 

And don't even get me started on the wiggling and pulling out of those cute little teeth. It gives me the willies. I'll have no part in any of it. I'm tempted to go get his baby book and look up the exact date that tiny tooth first made its appearance in his baby mouth just so I can see if it was the first one in, first one out. But I won't.

At least maybe I've got buffer whatever those arm muscles are called from all the snow shoveling I've been doing lately. Thanks for that, January.

Maybe you're not so bad after all.


Hunnygrams said...

Those photos are a pretty good souvenir of a less favorite month. Beautiful kids, beautiful photography!

Sell...Party Of 5 said...

I won't miss January, but February is not being any nicer over here.

The bathtub picture is priceless.