Sunday, December 2, 2012


We made a little visit to the new Scheels store a few weeks ago.

Dan bought the tokens to ride the Ferris wheel. Then he roamed the store while I waited in line with the kids. He was worried the ride would make him sick. The kids were happy. I was happy. The line moved slowly but that's to be expected right? 

We had a grand time going around and around and around. Who doesn't love a Ferris wheel? (Well, besides Dan of course.)

After the ride we strolled around the store, stopping for several photo ops.

We bought nothing so now I'm pretty sure my kids think Scheels is an amusement park. 

Fine with me. Cheapest amusement park I've ever been to. 

p.s. Can you spot Dan on the bridge? And that lone guy walking up the stairs with the lovely bald spot cracks me up. Not because he's bald though. It's not nice to laugh at bald people.

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Von said...

I take Devin here all of the time. He loves it, it's free, and I sometimes even find something to buy.

Looks like you guys had fun.