Tuesday, December 11, 2012

krispie treats

I found these cute gingerbread man marshmallows at the store a few weeks ago. After Cate and her sidekick Ray Ray stole a few I made these:

They were yummy. I also made krispie treats using the peppermint marshmallows I bought. They were yummy too. I think they'd be even yummier with crushed peppermint candies stirred in. Maybe we'll try that next time.

These are my favorites though.

Holy yum.

You make them just like the regular version except stir in 1/3 cup of dry yellow cake mix while the marshmallows are melting.

I told my friend about them and she asked what you do with the remaining yellow cake mix.

Make more rice krispie treats DUH!



Glenora said...

Wonder if I could eat one? Hint!

Glenora said...

Wonder if I could eat one? Hint!

debra said...

Are the cake batter ones the ones you sent with Dan for Home Teaching? Those were delicious! I'm a sucker for Rice Krispy treats!