Wednesday, October 31, 2012

sweet treats day

Sometimes I think I should make a sign to hang around her neck.
"My mommy lets me dress myself."
That should pretty much cover it.
Maybe another one that says something like this.
"My mommy does brush my hair every morning. What happens after that is all me."

She's such a cute little pumpkin though.
And she's holding the pumpkin I carved for her this morning.
Nothing like waiting until the last minute.
Danny's pumpkin is still faceless.
See why I feel like a failure sometimes?

He's wearing the same costume he wore last year.
Totally his choice. I promise.
I asked him several months ago what he wanted to be for Halloween.
He told me he wanted to wear his horse costume.
I said ok even though he's obviously grown a few inches taller in the past year.
If he's happy then I'm happy.
Cate wanted to wear the butterfly costume from last year.
I had to say no to that one since it's a size 18-24 months and she's 4.
She found the Sleeping Beauty dress in her dress-up box and away we went!
Beat that you "homemade costumes cost less" moms.

And Danny's neighing. That's why he looks funky.
But look at Cate's sweet little face. I just love her.

We hooked up with Cate's bestie and did some trick-or-treating down Main Street.

The cuteness kills me.

Aunt Judy walked around with the big boys because Danny didn't want anything to do with trick-or-treating with two little princesses.
He had a nice walk home with his cousin the zombie.

Dan came home from work and tried to make all the trick-or-treaters give him all their candy.


The gang checked out their booty.

The pirate walked off into the sunset.

And then this kid was done.

We came home and played Candy Land.
I can't think of a more appropriate game for Halloween.
Cate won.
Her prize was more candy.

Happy Halloween.