Tuesday, October 9, 2012

nine on the ninth

++ Thankful for this cute kid of mine. She grabs a pencil and paper and just writes or draws pretty much every day. And that tongue. Oh, how I love her tongue of concentration. I just sit and stare (and hope that she doesn't notice me because then she'll stop doing it). I know every mom thinks her kids are the cutest but COME ON, PEOPLE. Just look at her. I wonder if her preschool teacher gets a kick out of watching her tongue exercises while she's writing at school. And have you seen a cuter pencil grip? She looks so grown up standing there holding her pencil correctly. I love it.

++ Thankful that I'm not the only person in this house who likes pears because when you buy a bag at Costco they all seem to ripen at exactly the same time and you gotta eat 'em fast. I had three today. Cate had one.

++ Thankful for this little reminder I received in the mail yesterday because all my gray hairs, wrinkles and aching bones haven't been making me feel old enough. Looks like somebody out there is keeping tabs on me and knows I'll be 40 this summer. Blech. And I'm not even sure what I've got going on is sufficient for a mammogram because when I lay down I can feel my ribs through them (all the way around). Enough said.

++ Thankful that we live next door to Haircut Angie and she's willing to cut this cute kid's hair with 5 minute's notice. I make the call and it's done. No driving him anywhere. No loading up other kids in the car to drive to a haircut place. No me being the one who has to cut his hair (even though I used to know how and maybe still could if Haircut Angie ever moves). And he's big enough to walk next door by himself so I give him a kiss and send him on his way. He loves it I think. And so do I.

++ Thankful for kids who request to make cookies and love to help me in the kitchen. It drives me bonkers most of the time but by golly, I'm going to be a good mom if it kills me. It's nice to have little helpers to get the ingredients out of the pantry for me too. Plus, I'll send Danny off to college one day knowing the difference between baking soda and baking powder. Today he wanted to add a "pinky" of salt to the bowl. He meant pinch because I taught him that one last time. I let him. (Also thankful to Marisa and her yummy cookie recipe!)

++ Thankful for a tiny bit of alone time today while both kids were at school (even though I had to waste some of it at the bank and even more of it at Costco buying toilet paper and milk). I'll take what I can get. Remember those days when both kids napped for three hours every afternoon. Yeah, me too. I miss that. But now nobody wears diapers so I guess it's some kind of trade off.

++ Thankful for new grass to run on. Just wishing Grama Bama and Grandpa could be here to enjoy it too. Also thankful that Cate has that cute little Ray Ray cousin of hers to play with (and boss around).

++ Thankful that our kind neighbor brought over some corn this morning. "Last of the harvest," he said. It was yummy. Thankful for my dutiful little corn shucker too. She and Ray Ray each ate a cob before it was even cooked.

++ Thankful for Dan and for enduring all my crazy stuff. I'm pretty sure he deserves better than me. I'm trying but most days I fail miserably. Good thing there's always tomorrow. Can you tell Cate loves him most? Can you tell this picture was taken at the time of day when she's ready to crash?

That's all I got.

I've been feeling super cruddy lately (in a whole lotta areas of my life) so I figured today would be a good day for some blessing counting. I took pictures with a purpose today. Find things to be thankful for (because sometimes that doesn't just come naturally to me...big shocker). I'm thankful that even though I start out the day hopeful and ready to notice all the good stuff and I end it on a crappy note, I can go to sleep and wake up and give it another try (even though sometimes it all just feels like Groundhog Day).

the end

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Marisa said...

Those Groundhog Day weeks are the worst. But your photos are great, your collage is very pleasing to my eye, your kids are adorable and you're a fantastic mom. Hope today is a good day!