Saturday, September 15, 2012

nature belongs to everybody!

Our little family went hiking this morning. It was Danny's idea. He reminded us of this fact several times. He figured that since it was his idea then he was the boss. Ha.

His plan was to bring along a pick ax so he could look for crystals and gold. I told him we're not allowed to do that. He figured a shovel would work just as well. I told him that's not allowed either because we don't dig holes on the mountains in nature. It doesn't belong to us. Know what he said to that?

"Nature belongs to everybody!"

It was a good little hike for two old fogies and their two small children. I think I did a pretty good job of not freaking completely out of my mind with worry that someone would tumble over the edge to their doom. I'm quite proud of myself. 

As you can see from her pants, Cate decided the best way back down the mountain was to scoot on her bum. On the dusty, dirty rocks. She's funny.

Danny decided that it was a good hike to see all the "colors of autumn."

I couldn't agree more.

*  *  *

p.s. The picture of Dan holding hands with Danny reminded me of this picture of my dad hiking with his own dad. 

And I'm thankful again that my grandma took so many pictures. This is one of my favorites.


Marisa said...

Beautiful pictures, beautiful scenery! You have such a wonderful family.

Jack has an Oregon Duck shirt that says the same thing. :)

Chrisanne said...

Love it! Such a nice little hike :) That last picture really is precious.

Arlene said...

These pics made my eyes tear up and I have a big lump in my throat now. :' ( I miss mountain air & mountains. And you.