Tuesday, May 29, 2012

red, white and blue weekend


putting out flags at the veterans cemetery

visiting Grandma Mary and others at another
(cemeteries make Dan feel pensive)

eating lunch at Cocolito's
(Cate looks so grown up to me in this picture) 

ginormous gummy butterflies from WinCo
(Cate's choice)


cupcakes with appropriately colored sprinkles
(and the best frosting in the entire world)


photo shoot in our flag shirts (thanks, Grandma!)

loving this picture
(even though Cate's face isn't all there)

I almost always wear my hair up.
When I wear it down, Danny can't keep his hands out of it.
Very cute.

ice cream in tiny containters for portion control
(promised to Cate so she wouldn't feel sad about not going to Grandma's with Dan and Danny)

hornet control
(destroyed their nest with Danny's red light saber...eek)

Cate's yard sale find
(in the appropriate colors for the day)

red paint
(finished painting finally!!)

a very late afternoon nap
(woke up grouch grouch grouchy)

loaded up the grouch in the blue bike trailer
(no way I was going to be stuck in the house with her foul mood)

off we go
(not quite a workout without the other kid but it'll do)

new snow on the mountain
(I love snow in the spring...especially when it stays on the mountain)

bad mood dissipates on the slides
(it usually does)

riding off into the sunset
(the BIG end)

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Sell...Party Of 5 said...

I am pretty sure that Winco has the best bulk food section...and now I am wanting to go and buy a bunch.