Thursday, March 22, 2012

outside day

This is one of those pictures I hope I print (because I'm horrible at doing that) and save for Danny in his big box of Danny memorabilia (because I'm horrible at scrapbooking). Don't you think it's just great? A perfect snapshot of being a kid.

Outside on a very sunny spring morning.

Cate looking so cool in her unmatching clothes and unbrushed hair.

Ray Ray crying about his ring pop (because when you're one you're allowed to cry about your ring pop).

Danny wearing jammies, fireman rainboots and Transformer shades, sucking on a ring pop.

He wanted to clean the truck for me. I was washing dishes so I sent him out alone with a rag and a squirt bottle. It's way too cold to turn on the hose so I figured the squirt bottle would make him just as happy.

He worked and worked until the rest of us came out to join him.

He was very excited to show me what he had done. I could see on the side of truck where the dirt was missing. A nice little patch of shiny metal.

Then he said, "Know why I'm cleaning the truck? So when Grama Bama sees it she'll say 'Whoa, it's shiiiii-neeeee!'" (Is that how you do a quote within a quote? I have no idea. It looks weird but I'm just going to leave it. I'm not out to win any quotation mark awards with this post after all.)

Grama Bama will be here in 8 days. I think we should probably do a quick drive through the real car wash before then.

I'm thankful for my little boy who likes to clean. He knows it makes me happy. Sometimes I need all the help I can get (with the cleaning and with the happy making).


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Marisa said...

Yes, you quoted correctly. Clean things make me happy, too. Send Danny over here anytime!