Tuesday, March 13, 2012

just another chalkboard project

Here's the thing.

I feel like I spend most of my days cleaning things and folding things and washing things and wiping things and disciplining things and cooking things and picking up things and brushing things and flushing things. All day long.

And then once in a while I have a little idea about something I'd like to do around the house that could possibly make my kids happy and me happy and so I do it. But because I take the time to make that little idea come true, all that cleaning and folding and washing and wiping and cooking and picking up and brushing and flushing gets put on the back burner and then I feel like I should be doing all that instead of this one little thing that I actually want to do. It's a vicious cycle.

Have an idea. Really want to turn that idea into reality. Think about that idea while doing all that cleaning, folding, washing (you remember the rest) and then feel like there's no time. NO way I could do that one little thing I just really want to do. Feel guilty. Do that little thing I want to do anyway. Feel guilty some more. Then feel a little bit happy that I did it. Feel proud of myself for accomplishing something that day besides all the boring stuff I have to do. Take pictures. Blog to show off that little thing that I did because what else am I going to show you? Pictures of the laundry I folded? The dishes I washed? The bums I wiped? I didn't think so.

So here's what I did.


I painted the closet door. It's in the dining room because that room used to be a bedroom.

I like it and it makes me happy.

I know that chalkboard paint is all the craze now a days. I get it. But I don't care. I really like it. Maybe because it reminds me of school and I like school. I always have. I used to hate summer break because I just wanted to be in school. I absolutely hate the feel and sound of writing on chalkboards but I sure do think they look nice.

The best part about this chalkboard project is that it was free (besides all the guilty feelings it cost me from not doing my housewifery duties). Aunt Judy let me use her chalkboard paint. That cute little roller and tray were free too. There was some kind of facebook thing a while ago from Sherwin Williams for a free paint sample. I signed up. When it came, that cute little tray and roller were included. I love free.

Cate likes the new chalkboard too.

I love watching her draw. Danny never cared about drawing. He'll color in a coloring book but rarely ever just draws something. Is that a boy thing? I don't know. Cate just loves to draw though and her creations are adorable.

I found this little box of chalk in the cleaning/purging/organizing spree I went on a while ago. Dustless white chalk. Can't ask for more than that right?


Know what I love about this picture?


Her belly.

The look of concentration on her face. That tongue that just wants to poke through her lips to show she's really thinking. Dan does that too. Must be hereditary.

Her candy pants.

Her feet. She's got some cute ones.

Danny got in on the action too. He drew a road.

Yes. He holds his chalk/crayon/pencil/pen/marker the wrong way. I've tried to help him. I even bought one of those do-hickeys that you stick on the pencil to help him hold it correctly. He just gets frustrated and quits. Ah, the joy of preschoolers.

So there's my chalkboard project. I like it. I did something semi-crafty and DIY and home improvement. Yay for me!


Arlene said...

I love it!

I use crafts to motivate me to get my chore-stuff done. I work super fast when I have something crafty I want to do and won't let myself work on it until I get my list done. Unless there is a good show that I want to watch. Then that takes priority.

Marisa said...

It looks awesome! Fun for the dining room, too. You can write the menu when you're having fancy dinners. Or regular dinners. Danny can practice writing by putting the menu up or a fun message for a family member. Chalk countdowns until Grama Bama visits!

Jack needs practice holding a pencil, too. I've seen lots of tips for practicing fine motor skills, like lacing sheets, threading macaroni on string, tearing newspaper, etc. But I never remember to do them.

Candis Ellis said...

Cathy, if anyone deserves a chalkboard door, it's you! I'm so proud!

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

This makes me want to paint a wall in Devin's bedroom with chalkboard paint...except I think he wouldn't know where to stop coloring...