Thursday, February 16, 2012


I'm not one of those moms that gets all weepy about her kids growing up. Too cold-hearted I guess.

I love my babies. Duh. They're cute and sweet and fun (once they get to the point where they can interact by smiling instead of only crying).

I like my kids getting bigger. Learning how to play by themselves, how to use the toilet BY THEMSELVES, how to talk (I just wish the whining didn't come along with that part), the happiness they feel when they can do things and are proud of what they've done (look, mommy! I pooped in the potty!).


This picture makes me miss that cute baby boy. That was a good age. His first summer. This picture even makes me miss summer a little bit. And look at that handsome husband of mine. Hubba hubba!

It's probably a good thing that my computer died back in December of '09 and took with it all the pictures of my babies. I can't scroll back through and be sad that they aren't little anymore. (Luckily, my kind brother-in-law had helped me back up all those pictures just months before. I still have them. They're just sitting in the external hard drive on a shelf.)

And since I didn't have a blog back when Danny was a baby,

I know! Those eyes!

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