Thursday, February 23, 2012

car t-shirt for daddy

Dan had a lovely Valentine's Day. Can you tell?

The kiddies and I gave him a new shirt to show him how much we love him.

Except it was just one of his old t-shirts that I drew on but still...we love him!

And now he can have free back tickles any time he puts on that shirt and lays on his belly on the {hopefully} freshly vacuumed floor.

When I saw this tutorial for a car shirt a while back I knew I had to make one for Dan.

I thought it was cute and probably pretty easy (my kind of crafty).

I just downloaded the template and traced it with a black permanent marker. Then I kept on going because I don't know how to leave well enough alone.

I added some stuff to make his car t-shirt town more personal. I do my best to make him feel special.

The library with pink doors. Even though I haven't brought my kids to the library since I don't even know when. And from what I can remember it doesn't have pink doors.

A nice big welcome sign (that was on the original design, not my own creativity). I think it's a nice touch though.

The grocery store. I added the big flag in front because this particular grocery store is Macey's and that's where we shop. Cate calls it the God Bless America flag and insists on singing God Bless America in its general direction whenever she sees it. Adorable. I know.

McDonald's, because I'm just keeping it real here. We go to McDonald's sometimes. My kids eat fries. It's true. Please excuse the wonky yellow M. I did my best. Don't you love the pink slide in the window? And the big parking lot out front? The beauty is in the details, right?

I bought a Diet Coke at McDonald's last week. I took a sip when we got home. Danny looked at the cup. He said, "Hey, it's MICK-Donald's, not NICK-Donald's!" I asked him how he knew that (he pretty much always says NICK-Donald's). "The M on your cup!" He's a bright one right? All the times we've driven past or gone inside McDonald's and he never noticed the Golden Arches? They're huge! He noticed the little M on my cup though.

And of course, if we're going to have McDonald's on the car t-shirt we certainly better have a school on there too. Of course, Danny's school isn't red with a cute little bell on top but who cares? A school's a school.

I also added another house to the shirt. One is for the cousins (Jarrett and Kris) because Danny tells me several times a week that he thinks he should just live there. The other house is ours. Danny's pretty sure the blue house is big enough for Grama Bama to live in too. I added a few trees and bushes. I like the greenery.

I love how it turned out. I only wish I'd left room for the post office, Target and the dinosaur museum. We certainly go to those three way more than we go to the library or the hospital. I thought about making another t-shirt. One for me to wear and then Dan and I can both lay on the floor getting our backs tickled by the hot wheels. And then I remembered, moms don't lay on the floor (at least this mom doesn't).

* * *

Know what else I did on Valentine's Day?


Stole all their chocolate.

I like to call it Cavity Control.

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debra said...

That shirt is awesome. See how crafty you are!