Saturday, January 7, 2012

for comparison

You know how sometimes moms take pictures of their babies laying next to some kind of stuffed animal once a month for the first year of their lives?

Just to get a good visual of how much their baby changes and grows whilst the stuffed animal just stays the same.

I never did that.

But now we've got Big Baby (or Idda, Kicka, Poopa, Megdula, Doola...her name changes a lot) sitting around all day wearing the preemie outfit Cate wore when she came home from her 3 week hospital stay as a newborn.

It makes me stop and think every time she comes over to me to ask me to help get Big Baby dressed. She was tiny. And I'm glad she made it home with us. I just sometimes wish she had figured out how to eat, regulate her body temperature and keep her oxygen levels high enough a little sooner, but I forgive her.

I tell Cate that those are the jammies she wore when she was a tiny baby. Then I ask her if she remembers when she was a tiny baby in the hospital. Every time she says yes. I obviously don't think she really remembers that but I think it's funny that she says she does.

It's kind of like I've got my own little reminder of how sweet and tiny my big girl used to be.