Tuesday, January 3, 2012

puppy love

I'm not a dog lover. Sure, they're cute as puppies but then some of them get big. And I'm pretty sure all they want to do is poop and slobber and possibly eat me. And eat my cats. And maybe eat my children. And they bark. And have sharp teeth. The better to eat me.

But my neighbor brought over this cutie pup last night for us to see. Cate just sat there holding her so quietly. For the first time all day she didn't have words to say. Seriously. That's amazing for this kid. She talks and talks and talks and talks. Maybe we should get a puppy. Heehee.

That little pup was just fine too. Looks like Cate's strangling her but she wasn't. Neither one of them made a peep. Quietest puppy I've ever seen.

This one's spoken for but she's got siblings who aren't (talking about the puppy here, not Cate).