Friday, December 9, 2011

nine on the ninth

Today's installment of the ever so popular nine on the ninth is ALL ABOUT ME!

Partly because I'm very important around here and I don't get enough pictures on this blog. You need to see my beautiful mug more often, I've decided.

Partly because I've got some kids that like to take pictures with my phone (which is not an iPhone so the quality is very inferior, I realize that but don't really care). Most of the time they take blurry pictures of the wall or their fingers. Sometimes they get some good ones of me, candid and not so candid.

But mostly because I'll be busy today. Busy freaking out about everything getting done for the church Christmas party tonight. No way I need to be thinking about taking pictures of us enjoying the small things about this lovely day (I think that's supposed to be the point of the nine on the ninth business but I'm not so sure anymore).

(It's your lucky day. I've got three sets of nine since after the walls and their fingers, I'm the favorite thing to take pictures of. It's 27 on the ninth! Bonus!)

The best part about today, I'm sure, will be seeing Santa tonight. He's got bells on his boots, you guys! He's the real deal.


Getting my hairs did with Angie (my next door neighbor who makes me look 25 again every other month).

At the doctor's office with sicko Cate last year. That was a doozy.

Baby Ray Ray. He was so little.

Wooden spoon on my cheek! Why? Why not?

Baking again. Danny's licking the beaters.

Butt shot as I load up the oven. You're welcome.

Waiting for Danny's preschool class to be done one day.

I'm guessing from the looks of the ceiling this was a trip to Costco. I concentrate very hard when I'm shopping.

Proof that sometimes I sit down during the middle of the day and just stare.

Shopping at Target. Another face of concentration.

I like this side view Cate captured. I look at it on days that I feel like Large Marge.

My chest! It's always good to have a picture of that. It's in Cate's line of vision when she's sitting in the cart I guess.

Kissing at Cocolito's.

Thinking at Cocolito's.

More kissing at Cocolito's. Sheesh.

Sitting and staring again. See how I put my hand under my chin a lot. Covering up the extras in case someone comes by and takes a candid cell phone picture of me. (Speaking of extra chins, Cate asked me yesterday if she could kiss my chins. Chins! Plural. I felt kind of bad and then I asked her where my chins were. She pointed to my cheek. Phew. A case of mistaken identity.)

Happy on my birthday morning this past summer. Messy hair and no make-up. So pretty.

The look of shock when I saw that Dan had bought me a new tv. So not pretty.

Being goofy with Cate in the front yard. Still wearing that apron. I wear aprons a lot I think.

She tells me to make silly faces so I do.

In the kitchen with an apron on. Again.

Pretending to sleep. We all know I'm never asleep when the kids are awake. Too dangerous.

Folding laundry whilst wearing an apron. I'm June Cleaver minus the pearls. And I wear jeans under my apron, not a skirt.

Chips with my girl at Cocolito's.

Large Marge.

Large Marge, part two. She told me to be silly. I think I pulled it off.

Blurry me. Blurry Ray Ray.


Christie said...

You need to work on your new tv face. That is exciting stuff, sister! Housewives! Kardashians! E! News!

Also? I think you should be featured more often. You are very cute.

debra said...

Large Marge? How can you say you look like a large Marge? You are not a Large Marge. I generally delete almost all of the pictures of me since most of them end up not being flattering so I'm impressed you have this many. And I really can't wait until this party is done. I mean, I'm so excited for this party. It will be fantastic.

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

should I even admit how much I love my picture taken...weird, right?

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

That was fun! :)