Sunday, October 9, 2011

nine on the ninth

Morning snuggles with Daddy: I like to send the kids in to pester Dan in the morning. Sometimes they go in and pretend they're very loud roosters. Chock a doodle doo! Chock a doodle doo! (That's how Danny says it.) This morning it was Cate and snuggle time, except she's pretty squirmy and I'm not really sure how much of it counts as snuggling.

Tears at 9:00: You know, Sunday morning is not my favorite. I think it's tough on the kids too for some reason. Isn't Sunday morning supposed to be relaxing and peaceful? What are we doing wrong? I ask myself that weekly. I have no answers other than they like to pester each other in the mornings too, not just their daddy.

Building a house: Uncle Tim and Aunt Kym gave Danny these cardboard blocks a few years ago. They are the bane of my existence. The kids love them. This is the house they built in the middle of the floor this morning (after those tears were wiped away). Those five blue blocks outside the wall are flowers. So clever. It makes my heart happy to see them playing together nicely. It doesn't last long sometimes but I'll take it.

Candy corn: White chocolate's not my favorite but those m&m's people are so clever sometimes. Grandma gave us this bag of candy yesterday. I opened it after church today and started wondering what kind of baked goodie I could make with them. Cookies maybe. Or just let the kids eat them. Probably that last one.

Speaking of candy corn: My amazingly talented friend Janell made this dress and tie for my adorable kidlets. Danny was not happy about posing for the picture. Nothing new about that. Funny thing about candy corn, I think they taste horrible. They sure look cute as a dress though. Thanks, Janell!

Church gives me a headache: Just kidding. Kind of. I was hungry. I ran home with the heels. I was tired. The headache stuck around for a few hours. I popped some pills and went to lay down in my bed. I asked Dan in my sweetest voice to not let the kids bother me. Ha. They never came banging on my door but I did hear Cate running back and forth from her room talking in a loud voice that Mommy has a headache.

Dan's organizing project: So he's trying to clean out the garage one box at a time. I'm not sure how many boxes are currently spread out all over the dining room table. I look at that pile of his precious stuff in wonder (as in I wonder if we'll ever eat dinner on that table again) and awe (as in ahhh, man. are we ever going to eat dinner on that table again?).

The last of the garden tomatoes: We ate them for dinner tonight. BLT's. I had the carb-free BLT. L on the outside. B and T on the inside. Lots and lots of B. There's still plenty of green tomatoes clinging to the vines. I'm just wondering if they're going to make it to adulthood now that it's coldish out. Dan said they will. I better buy more bacon.

Pictures from yesterday: I scrolled through the pictures from my nephew's wedding yesterday. It was a beautiful day. The ceremony was lovely. It gave me a lot to think about. Made me want to be a better wife and mother. That's always a good thing. My kids were mostly good. It was a long day. Promising ice cream and cupcakes always helps. Playing with cousins was good too. More pictures of the wedding festivities forthcoming.

And since they're just so ding dang cute, more pictures of my little candy corn and her grouchy sidekick.

And since I like to make myself feel really old sometimes...

I remember what I was doing on 10/9/87 at 6:54:321 p.m. (I don't really know how to punctuate for that last 1. Does it need another semicolon and then a zero?)

Freshman year of high school. I was in the marching band. We were playing our warm up stuff before going onto the field for the pregame show at the football game. My band teacher stopped the warm ups to tell us what time it was and to recognize that it was 10/9/87.

And then the very next Friday night the announcer at the football game came over the loudspeaker and let everyone know that the rescuers had pulled baby Jessica out of the well. We cheered and hugged each other.

I remember weird stuff.

And I feel really old now.


Janell R. Cropper said...

Your kids look pretty cute, it's true :) However, I'm feeling dumb and can't steal these pictures. Can you post them on facebook? :)

Sandy said...

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