Tuesday, August 30, 2011

speaking of popsicles...

Watermelon popsicles!

Yum. We love watermelon around here. I'll be sad when it's no longer in season (although I'll get over it quickly because that means that summer is over and done with too).

I didn't leave these in the freezer very long. Just enough time to make them not slip off the sticks and harden up a bit. The kids loved them anyway.

I'd have to say the biggest fan was this little guy, Mr. Snotty Booger Nose.

He scarfed down his popsicle and the remnants of Cate's too.

Man, he was a mess when he was all done. Good thing we had filled up the kiddie pool earlier. I just dipped him in and called it good.

* * * * *

Other items worth mentioning today:

This kid loves Legos.

And this kid loves olives.

Pains me to see her love them so much. They're pretty gross. I try not to let on that I find them so disgusting though. I mean, I am the one who buys them for her so it's not really her fault.

I just don't know how she can stuff them into her mouth like she does when they smell so awful.

Kids do funny things.

Cate made her first trip to the dentist (as an official patient, that is) yesterday. She was an angel. I don't think there's been a cuter kid in that dentist's chair ever. Adorable.

She seemed to particularly enjoy it when the assistant used the suctioning tool.

Danny had a turn in the chair too.

No need for him to write an apology note to the dentist like last time.

What better way to reward such a stellar trip to the dentist than an icee and popcorn at Target on the way home.

I'm not sure the dentist would agree though.

Speaking of firsts, Cate learned how to pedal all by herself for the first time on Sunday.

That's something her big brother still doesn't know how to do.

Now I just have to teach her how to get herself onto the swing, start it moving all by herself and then pump, pump, pump. Oh, I'll be so happy when she learns how to pump.

And I went to the gym for the first time in a week (it was closed for cleaning, I'm not just lazy). It was good to be back. I'm out of shape. Well, I'm in a certain shape that I'm not very happy about. I'm also not very happy about the lack of good tv programming during the summer. It makes enduring the torture of the Stairmaster even more torturous. I can't wait for fall shows to start.

Then I came home to find this waiting for me:

And I rewarded myself for going to the gym with a cookie (or two or three or whatever).

Don't you love it when you're feeling blah and yuck and kind of crappy about how you're doing with stuff in your life (like church responsibilities that you had just complained about the day before and thought maybe you're not cut out for it and somebody else could do a way better job) and you get a note like that?

Me too.


Marisa said...

Yahoo! For popsicles, pleasant dentist trips, getting back to the gym AND surprise cookies.

Judy said...

Pffst Im sure you're an awesome yw leader I would've loved to have you. I love the wRetmelon popicle idea. And Jocelyn calls Raymond captain boogerface.