Thursday, August 4, 2011

cow pie cookies

Doesn't that sound like a perfectly appropriate snack for the end of a particularly crappy day?

A big ol' cow pie cookie.

Sounds good to me.

I bought this box of fudge brownie mix almost a year ago. I was lured in by that adorable piggy with the cinched in waist. Fat Free! Even a piggy can stay slim and trim while eating these brownies! No Pudge! All Natural!

Sounds like my kind of brownie. Plus, right behind chocolate/chocolate and peanut butter/chocolate, my favorite combo is raspberry/chocolate.

I tried the individual serving of the no pudge brownies a few times (you mix some of the chocolate powder with some yogurt and nuke it). Not thoroughly impressed, I stuck the box in the cupboard and forgot about it. Then I stumbled upon this recipe last week for cow pie cookies. Cow pie cookies! How could I resist? Who comes up with these names and why can't I be clever enough to think of them first?

So I whipped up a batch using the rest of my skinny piggy brownie mix. I obviously didn't have a full box so I just guessed a bit on the rest of the ingredients. Plus, the original recipe calls for fat free egg substitute. Um, yeah. That ain't happenin'. I used two eggs instead. I figured that was just about equal to the half cup it required. And I used a little more than 2 tablespoons of oil but who's counting? And I tossed in a few mini chocolate chips. I couldn't resist.

They tasted ok. Pretty much like you would expect an almost fat free cookie to taste. I liked the little raspberry flavor too. Very un-cow pie-like. I'm thinking that's a good thing.

I'm a little disappointed that my cookies didn't turn out looking like cow pies. I haven't really seen very many cow pies in my day. I'm thinking the cookie in the original recipe looked a lot more like a cow pie than mine. That's ok though. I ate them anyway.

Know what tastes better than a warm cow pie cookie?

A warm cow pie cookie with Nutella on top.


p.s. I found another recipe using the no pudge brownie mix. Peanut butter brownie whoopie pies. Yum. Except now I need a whoopie pie pan.

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