Friday, June 24, 2011

so much to do

Source: via Kathy on Pinterest

I'll be working on my to do list this weekend.

I'm going to be very busy (as you can probably guess by looking at it).

Some stuff included under Stuff:

attending a parade or two (with kids running in the road to collect candy)

listening to the rodeo in my backyard (and hoping it's not loud enough for Cate to hear it at bedtime)

hanging out with Grama Bama (since she's so awesome)

praying for Cate to sleep through the night and NOT wake up at 6:30 (because it's been way too long since that happened)

making something sweet and tasty (to help me eat away my sorrows and frustrations over having a three-year-old whose really wonky sleep habits are making me really really tired)

going on a date with my main man (since Grama Bama is visiting and she just loooooves putting my kids to bed)

I have no idea how to pull off that second thing on my list but I'll do my best.

Maybe making some of these or these or this will help me be awesome. Even if they don't, they'll fulfill that "make something sweet and tasty" goal under Stuff. It's like multi-tasking at it's yummiest.

This is where I feel like I should say something like Happy Friday or Enjoy the Weekend or some such cheery phrase but when your kids are little enough that they don't have a summer vacation from school and your husband is off work for the summer (since he's a teacher and he does have summer vacation) every day feels like Saturday. Boo hoo right? I'm sure you feel really sorry for me.

Happy Friday anyway.


Arlene (CO Kid) said...

Great list. How much did you accomplish?

Cathy said...

So far, only 2 (and Be Awesome is not one of them). I've got high hopes for Saturday and Sunday though.