Monday, May 16, 2011

monday plans

Spend some time with this messy baby because he's got some cousins over here that miss him.

Sweep up the zillions of tiny yellow flowers that are covering my driveway, sidewalk and yard (or not sweep them up and let the wind just take care of it for me).

Hobble to the gym tonight in hopes of exercising my tired old body (in an effort to combat the evil effects of that birthday cake we ate last night in honor of Dan's birthday week coming to an end).

Plant the rest of the flowers I bought and avoid that pesky door-to-door salesman and his overpriced whatevers (and it better not rain because my phone tells me that the high this week is going to be 64° and that's not happening until Friday).

Make breakfast for dinner again because we like bacon around here and I haven't been feeling very creative in the menu planning department lately (and nobody complains when I make pancakes so pancakes it is).

Come up with a plan about getting the garden planted (meaning how can I ditch my kids for a few hours this week so I can buy some tomato plants) or else I'm going to feel really bad that my friend came over and dumped a pile of crap into my garden and tilled it for me and I'm just letting it sit there. It seems like a shame to let a perfectly good pile of crap go to waste.

Not feel overwhelmed about getting the garden planted.

Enjoy the day with a little girl who woke up an hour early this morning. Maybe she'll let me play dolls with her. I'm especially looking forward to playing with the ones she's named Titta, Poopa, Toota and Edda.

Fold the laundry that's been sitting in the dryer since Friday afternoon.

We'll just start with number one and go from there (in no particular order) because this is one cute kid. Can't you tell? Blurry yogurt smeared and all.


Dan said...

I don't think you should call Judy a messy kid. Sure, she may not keep things as spotless as you, but I wouldn't say she's messy.

Oh, now I see. That's Ray Ray in the pictures. I could have sworn it was Judy!

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

Ha! You are crazy! It's good to let crap rest for a few days or week after it's tilled. It needs to settle. And that's no crap!