Monday, March 14, 2011

to do list: four things

Number One: Deliver spoonfuls of cookies and cream peanut butter to a few friends. I'm feeling like a genius because I froze the spoons so I could wrap them up all cute like and the peanut butter wouldn't get smeared inside the bag. Pretty nifty, I know. Part two of this Number One is never make cookies and cream peanut butter again. It's deadly. I don't have the self control I thought I did. Part three of Number One is get rid of the extra Oreo cookies that I didn't use.

Number Two: Make some of these hanging garden seed starters. I found this idea in my Family Fun magazine. It uses those notebook pages that are for collecting cards. You fill them with soil and seeds and then hang them on a window. Saves space for people like me who don't have lots of window sills for lots of little containers. Plus, if I hang them on the window high enough, nobody can tip them over and make big messes for me to vacuum up. Part two of Number Two is venture into the backyard today and try to start making the garden area plantable. That's the not fun part.

Number Three: Admire the magnetic cupboard in my kitchen. I made it all by myself on Friday. Now my fridge is naked again, just the way I like it.

Number Four: Attempt to make the ironing pile shrink down about two inches, make meatballs for dinner, make the bed, avoid making any baked goods, go to the park with 5 kids if it's nice out, make it home with all 5 kids, get Cate to take a nap, exercise, make it to bedtime with a smile on my face.

Guess which one will be the most challenging.


{That was a hint. I never use those sideways smiley faces unless I absolutely need to.}


Glenora said...

Why 5 kids - why no school?

Cathy said...

Unused snow day! Hooray!

Young People in Love said...

you guys are SO CUTE! glad you found my blog so now i can keep up on your little fam!

Katie said...

I love that hanging garden idea! Would be perfect for my herb garden!!!

Thanks for the tip!

Judy said...

Ooh, wanna make a magnet board forinside my pantry door so my fridge can be clean? I love the planter idea too. We have lots of the baseball card holders. Teh meatballs were great. I'm gonna go finish them off right now. I'm guessing the park thing was the hardest. Sorry, I didn't think you'd get stuck with all teh kids but I forgot that Dave was gonna work on the basement.

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

That looks like something Carl would love to eat!

The baseball card holder is like the hanging baggies on your window I told you about to start seeds for Danny. I like the idea you found better. Except for doing it at school, bags worked great for them to take home. Or if you have 5 kids.