Thursday, March 24, 2011

make-up for my little girl

My little girl seems to think it's her duty in life to be all up in my business when I'm putting on my make-up in the morning. Danny too. I know. Easy solution is to lock the door so they can't get near me right? Somehow I think every new day is the day they won't care about my mascara and eye liner. Every day I'm wrong.

I came across this tutorial for make-up for little ladies and I knew that could be the answer to all my make up pesteroni problems. (Know what a pesteroni is? I believe it's Italian for pest. It's a nice way of saying that your kid is driving you bonkers.)

Off I went to the dollar store to buy stuff. I picked up a pill organizer and some nail polish. Pretty sure we also bought stickers, dinosaur trading cards and a cheap plastic toy or two while we were at it.

Then I got out Grandma's bottle of spot remover to take the letters off the pill organizer. All it took was a few drops and the letters were gone. A gas mask would have been nice too because that stuff is pungent. I'm thinking VAPORS HARMFUL is very much the truth.

See? Nice and clean and ready for little girl make up and an end to my pesteroni problems.

I got busy pouring the nail polish into the little sections. Isn't this a lovely shade for fake eyeshadow?

After a few minutes I was done. I think it turned out quite pretty. Not sure why I chose white though. Pickin's must have been slim at the dollar store that day. All there was left to do was let it sit and dry.

What I didn't realize is the amount of shrinkage involved with nail polish drying. After a few days I filled the sections up again and let them dry. Then I had enough nail polish left to fill them up again. That stuff shrinks down to almost nothing. Next time I'll use something not so deep, maybe spare contact lens containers. I think we've got a few dozen of those in the bathroom drawer.

I presented the fake make-up to Cate one morning last week. I told her it was her very own make-up, just like Mommy has. She saw it and said, "Make-up!" in a tone of reverence and awe. It was adorable.

I let her use a spare mirror and some cotton swabs. She parked it at the table and went to work getting herself all dolled up.

She knew exactly what to do, thanks to all the mommy watching she's been doing.

Check out her serious tongue of concentration in this next picture. She totally gets that from her daddy.

She got Big Baby all prettied up too.

I'd have to say this was a huge success. I don't think she's been a pesteroni at my make-up time at all since she has her own. Thank goodness too because I was this close to giving up on make-up all together. Yikes.

This last picture is a doozy but it's my favorite and it makes me laugh. Don't look if you're squeamish about people sticking things in their eyes.

She hasn't hurt herself so far. It's only a matter of time I'm sure.


Marisa said...

Genius! This is so creative. She doesn't mind that the colors can't actually be applied? Even better. You rock, Cathy.

Christie said...

This is GENIUS. All the fake make up at the store is Disney pimped out. I love this idea.

JelliDonut said...

Very clever!

Feast on the Cheap said...

You have the cutest kids ever - this is such a sweet idea!

Diane said...

Oh my gosh, these are the cutest pictures ever! I love little girls so much, I'm so jealous you have a little girl to pester you about makeup as I don't even have sisters :(. I need girls in my life, enjoy her Cathy, she's a doll!

Reeni said...

She's adorable! And this is a genius idea!

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

I'm glad you find such cool stuff and share. Could you make a couple for my great-nieces? :)