Saturday, March 19, 2011

jimmer cakes

The flag is hung. I rigged it with safety pins, metal rings and some pretty heavy duty hooks. It should hold up better than it did last fall. Duct tape and string wasn't cutting it. I wonder if the neighbors are happy to have to look at it across the street again. I like to think they are.

The game is scheduled for some time around dinner. I shall be taking the kids to play at Chick-fil-A for the duration so Dan can watch in peace. I know. He's a lucky man. If she'll cooperate, I'll even make Cate wear her Halloween costume. The shoes almost don't fit anymore but sometimes being cute hurts.

I'm making Jimmer cakes today. Never heard of Jimmer cakes before? You'll have to wait and see. I'm just sitting around waiting for the butter and eggs to come to room temperature and then the baking will commence.

The Jimmer cakes are to take to Grandma's house tomorrow (not sure if Dan told her we're coming yet so maybe I just saved us a phone call). I told Dan about the Jimmer cakes and he said, "What if they lose?" They won't. But if they do, are you a fair weather fan? One who only makes cupcakes in honor of the team to celebrate a victory? Not me. If they lose then we stuff our faces with Jimmer cakes to dull the pain.

Although, I won't be stuffing my face with Jimmer cakes. I'm officially done with the shugs for 3 months (at least that's what I'm telling myself). I've got 3 months exactly until my birthday and a little goal that I'm trying to achieve. Sugar will not help me attain that goal. I got my final taste late last night. I even spared myself the calories and opted for the trial size with the plastic spoon in the lid.

Wanna guess the flavor?

The winner gets the satisfaction of winning.

Just like we're hoping for Jimmer and the boys!


JCM said...

I filled out my bracket earlier this week and guess who's the winner? Yup, Jimmer and the boys!

Dan said...

JCM you're awesome! Do you like my sweatshirt in the photo? Go Cougars!

New York Super Fudge Sundae

3 MONTHS! Are you CRAZY?

Chrisanne said...

Chunky Monkey? That used to be Callin's favorite flavor. He by the way was so worried about getting our BYU flag up for today he borrowed his brother's drill and installed a flag mount we were given as a house warming gift, it of course still required some special adjustments, Callin opted for zip ties ;)

Cathy said...

It was Cherry Garcia. I've never found NYSFC in the mini size.