Wednesday, February 23, 2011

the nerve of some people

the big brother
{in a grouchy, little-sisters-are-so-annoying voice}

"Cate! Stop breathing!"

to which the little sister replied
{in a whiny, being-a-tattle-tale voice}

"Mommy! Danny talked to me!"

I mean seriously, the nerve of some people.

Breathing and talking?


These pictures were not taken at the time of the incident.
You can tell because they're both smiling.
And not sitting anywhere near each other.
That's why they're smiling.


JCM said...

I so remember being a little sister and having a certain big sister complaining that I was breathing. How dare I?

JCM said...

BTW - love Cate's super cool shades!

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

So true (thinking back to my younger days). Totally love the reflection in Cate's glasses!

Dan said...

You want to know drives me crazy?
People reading blogs and not leaving comments! The NERVE of some people!