Sunday, January 16, 2011

all I wanted for Christmas

Is it too late to be posting about Christmas? I hope not because here I go.

All I wanted for Christmas was a calendar and a robe. I totally scored! I got both things I wanted. I'm a lucky, lucky gal. I know.

Never mind that both items were purchased at Costco while I was there. I'm good at pretending for the sake of my little boy. He was thrilled to be sneaking around the store with Dan. It was adorable (Danny, not Dan...although he's adorable sometimes too, just not so much when he's sneaking around Costco).

Ain't I a beauty on Christmas morning? Sheesh. Somebody get that girl some mascara.

Other things I wanted for Christmas (but didn't tell anyone, not even Santa, so no surprise that I didn't get them, but my birthday is in 5 months so I'll just wait):

I've seen this necklace floating around facebook. It's quite cute. I'm not much of a necklace wearer so I'm not sure why I like it. Maybe because it's miniatures and I have a soft spot in my heart for mini things.

I'm in love with this cutting board. I'd need to have that little heart scootched over a few miles to the east of course (War Eagle!). I think it's almost too beautiful to cut food on. Maybe I'd just use it like in the picture, to make a nice little pile of peeee-cans and some kind of soft cheese blob.

Go ahead and clicky on that link and check out the other cutting boards. Utah, North Dakota and Colorado...good states to turn into cutting boards. Michigan, Rhode Island and Hawaii...not so much.

I could really use a pair of these smittens. Too bad they're sold out. They'd be perfect for all those times when Dan and I go for leisurely hand-holding walks in the cold.

It's ok that I didn't get any of that other stuff (remember, my birthday...5 months). I did get one other gift from Dan.

Take a look.

Mini bottles of shampoo, conditioner and lotion. Isn't my husband the best? He knows I love mini things. He gave me mini bottles of things I can actually use. He's so practical.

Oh, yeah.

He also gave me dinner (at a bbq place I've been wanting to try), a movie (True Grit, not my favorite), a night away from the cats (and the kids too, but I didn't want to say that for fear of being perceived as the bad mom who wants to get away from her kids), breakfast at Denny's (complete with bacon and the most scrumptious gingerbread french toast I've ever tasted) AND a new cell phone (that I still haven't figured out how to use to its fullest potential).

Merry Christmas to me!

And many thanks to Grama Bama and Grandpa for staying with the kids and the cats while we were away. I expected Danny and Cate to come running to the door to greet us when we returned home.

Didn't happen.

They didn't seem to notice. Grama Bama was keeping them quite happy with her phone and all its little games and gadgets.

I'm thinking maybe we should have stayed gone one more night.

Oh, that's a good idea for my birthday.

Two nights away from the cats!

Woo hoo!


Arlene (CO Kid) said...

I'm still catching up on posting Christmas, too. :)

Your blog almost always makes me laugh - except when it's not supposed to. I wish I could see you and Dan on those leisurely walks with the smittens.

I'm glad the CO cutting board made the cut. (haha)

Glenora said...

Best of all - the pleased look on Danny's face! He is so proud of himself.

Zipdinger said...

I have the coolest collection of mini-things ever. It's put away in my closet where my cats won't get into it. You should come see it sometime!