Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I found a part time job

We took a little fieldtrip to a local children's museum on Monday. I found the part time job that's perfect for me. I've already been doing it for the past few years...FOR FREE. Now I found a way to get paid for it. I just have to find out if they're hiring.

See those shelves of plastic containers of beans, soup, sardines, peanut butter, chocolate spread (Nutella!), ketchup, juice, honey and whatever else your little heart could possibly desire?

I had to restrain myself from walking around and facing all the aisles (that means straightening all the rows of jars and cans and turning them around so all the labels face the front...a little skill I learned from my days as a loyal worker at Storehouse Market when I was in college). It was very tempting. Those little kiddos do not put their foodstuffs back on the shelves in a neat and orderly fashion.

That's not the part of the job that I'm already doing for free though. That would just be a perk. The part I'm already doing for free is walking around picking up after kids. I do that! All day! Every day! And I don't even get paid for it (and don't even tell me that I get paid in blessings because that irks me like nothing else).

I watched those museum worker guys. They walk around with little baskets and bags. They pick up stray pieces of plastic asparagus, onions, potatoes, carrots, pork chops, candy bars, corn on the cob and heads of lettuce. Then they put them back where they belong on the little store shelves and these little metal bowls. Over and over and over again. I could do that. I could do a really good job too. I'm good at picking up stuff and putting it where it belongs. I could get paid for it!

I probably won't be applying but the thought did cross my mind.

Other fun stuff the kids did at the museum:

played in the water

Not my favorite area. Why would you include a water area in an indoor museum? I don't get it. Splashing. Messy. Wet. Not good.

sat around being lazy and let people just carry them around all day

relaxed in the helicopter on the rooftop

This was one of Danny's favorite areas. He would have stayed out there the whole time if it had been a little less chilly outside.

went grocery shopping

I considered following him around and throwing things into the cart willy-nilly like he does to me when we're at the real grocery store. I didn't though. I'm nice like that.

Plus, there were no Oreos, Ding Dongs, powdered donuts or sugary juice boxes at this grocery store. It wouldn't have been much fun tossing plastic bananas, eggplants and cabbage into the itty bitty cart.

got dressed up in somebody's hideous fashion rejects

This was probably Cate's favorite area. A kitchen with a fridge and a highchair for the baby doll. Heaven for this little girl.

built stuff with big vinyl blocks

Surprisingly, not as interesting to Danny as I thought it would be. He'd rather go grocery shopping.

As for me, I think I could move into that playhouse with Cate. She can have the highchair, tacky clothes and big fridge with fake food.

I'll take the skinny mirrors. All of them. I swear I lost 10 pounds when I was in there.

And now I'm off to update my resume...just in case.


Chrisanne said...

Ha Ha! "willy-nilly" Ha Ha! :)

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

You are a nut.