Wednesday, November 24, 2010

ten things for which I am exceedingly grateful

1. A little boy who requests my favorite restaurant for his birthday lunch (because my favorite has now become his favorite...and because we rarely ever go to any other restaurants)

2. A little girl who thinks the blue cheese crumbles in my salad are my own puke ("Uh-oh, Mama. You puke in you food!)

3. A good husband who puts up with all my crazies (and believe you me, there's a lot of 'em)

4. A baby nephew who reminds me that babies are a lot of work (and helps me be very much ok with not having one of my own)

5. Hulu and the DVR (without them, I might be expected to do something useful during nap time)

6. Diet Dr. Pepper

7. Mini chocolate chips

8. Thoughtful children who help me practice daily the art of cleaning up after people

9. Ear plugs and nasal strips (and when those don't do the trick, a comfy couch)

10. Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving!


JCM said...

Uh-oh, Mama. You puke in you food! - That's priceless.

Glenora said...

HAPPY THANKSGIVNG - and I agree with Cate abut the blue cheese!