Monday, November 1, 2010

darth vader and a marshmallow

Darth Vader

a marshmallow

a.k.a. the little girl who pitched a fit when it was time to put on her Princess Leia costume

(Why is it that chubby thighs and a pot belly look so adorable on a two-year-old but not so adorable on a 37-year-old?)

Darth Vader and a marshmallow

Minutes later, the marshmallow turned into a grumpy cheerleader.

(thanks to a mom who remembered the cheerleader outfit in the bottom drawer)

I'm only disappointed that the Princess Leia costume didn't get worn because I sewed part of it.
I felt totally validated as a good mother for a few minutes.

The only part I sewed was some hair clips onto the big hair buns.
But still, I sewed.

Maybe she'll wear it next year.
I'm pretty sure it'll still fit.
And I'm pretty sure Danny will still want to be something Star Wars.


Dan said...

Remember to give a picture of Cate to Emo.

Cathy said...


Arlene (CO Kid) said...

A. door. able.

Bobie said...

FUN! But the real questions is was "Daddy" Chewbacca? I mean with all that hair it is such a natural!

Cathy said...

No, Bobie. Daddy was not Chewbacca because Mommy didn't get her act together in time to make that sash thingee. Maybe next year.

Dan said...

Bobie, I don't know if I should be more offended that you called me hairy or that you referred to me as "it!"
I'm just happy that you didn't make any comments about the U of U.

Bec and Doug said...

Chubby thighs and a pot belly are only the tip of the iceburg... Kids get away with all kinds of stuff.