Monday, October 25, 2010

our romantic getaway

Dan and I attended a football game Saturday afternoon. Just the two of us. No kids. Romantic getaway, right? Right.

It was raining on the drive there. We were prepared though. Ponchos, raincoats and plastic bags. Dan was all smiles while he suited up to go out in the downpour because he likes watching football in the rain. Me, not so much. But I do like Dan. And I like the part about no kids.

I had fun watching this crazy fan from the other team (circled in the picture). He was wearing a cowboy hat (since the other team's mascot is a Cowboy), cowboy boots, a white t-shirt and some kind of yellow barrel looking thing held up by suspenders. That's all. I think he must have been wet and cold the entire game. He spent the whole time pacing back and forth. I wondered why he didn't just sit down. Then I realized that maybe he couldn't sit down because of that barrel thing. That's some kind of team spirit I guess.

I did a pretty good job of not worrying about my kids while we were there. I knew they were in good hands (thanks, Kathy and Judy!). I had to miss Danny a little bit every time the band played their little snippet of the Imperial March though. He would have liked to hear that.

I kept myself busy during the first half by erasing old pictures from my camera, watching that crazy yellow barrel cowboy guy and listening to the stuff the people around me were yelling. It was quite comical at times.

Here's a few that I wrote down (because I always have paper and a pen with me, even at a rainy football game):

You gotta buy him dinner first if you're gonna do that to him. {said by the guy sitting next to me about something one of the football players did to another football player}

Holy crap! They weren't gonna score all day if they didn't get that. {said by that same guy after the opposing team scored a touchdown}

Blow your whistle one more time cuz I don't think we know the play's dead! {said by the lady sitting behind me...she said a lot of things, kind of never shut up the whole game}

Yeah, you better take a knee, buddy! {said by the guy again...why? I don't know. I wasn't paying attention to the game.}

Son of a! {said by the lady behind me after our team missed a field goal}

Weak sauce! Weak sauce! {said by that lady again after The Wave fizzled out}

Oh, dang it! {said by Dan after a yellow flag on the field and booing by the crowd}

Then it was halftime and the best part of the whole game - the marching band! Mock if you will, but marching around the field and playing music that you've memorized without falling down and knocking into each other takes real talent. Seriously. I should know.

The game had a happy ending. Our Cougars were victorious. Thanks for letting me tag along, Dan. I hope I didn't ruin your fun with all my random questions. Sometimes I just have a hard time paying attention and my mind wanders. Like, at one point I was wondering what it feels like to be the cheerleader that gets tossed into the air. And how the extra guys (coaches and water boys and whatnot) on the other team's sideline look like UPS guys because their colors are brown and yellow. And was I going to get in trouble for smuggling in a bag of almonds when the rules on the back of the ticket said no outside food or drink. And that pizza we ate for lunch was really yummy.

The best part of the day was coming home to my kids and having them tell me they didn't miss me. Cate even told me to go away. In my defense, they were playing at Judy's house when we came to get them. They pretty much never want to leave when they're playing at Judy's house.

I should try this romantic-getaway-with-no-kids thing more often. Next time, less rain. More pizza. Less crazy people. More...I don't know.

I'd add more romantic to that list, but what's more romantic than watching football in the rain with your main man?


Don't answer that.


Arlene (CO Kid) said...

But you do know what the Heisman Trophy is!

We spent years of romantic dates at that place. Sometimes I even cheered for the Cougars. I like games in the snow better than rain.

Callin said...

The guy next to you was probably my brother. I forgot to warn you about him. Be glad it wasn't my other brother (he's been kicked out of games). Glad you had fun!

Zipdinger said...

Sorry, Callin, but I'm pretty sure the guy next to her was my dad...I've heard him say that exact line (the one about buying dinner) at least a dozen times and in various situations. ;) Cathy, I cannot imagine anything more romantic than a picnic in the great outdoors with no kids and the man you love. Even if that picnic WAS on stadium bleachers...

Dan said...

Thanks for going with me to the game.

EatHealthyLiveWell said...

This sounds just like my first football game with my husband - rain, distractions, and all. It's funny how much our idea of "romantic" changes after marriage and kids.