Friday, October 8, 2010

a little bowl of potpourri

Cate plopped Strawberry Shortcake on the table and proclaimed, "Dat Pincess Way-uh!" Apparently, she's got Star Wars on her mind too.

I'm excited that 10/10/10 is coming up. Ten is my second favorite number. I wish I could've had a baby on 10/10/10. That would be a cool birthday. I came kind of close to having one on 8/8/08. Cate was due on 7/20/08 and then she had to go and be born 4 weeks early instead of 2 1/2 weeks late. Oh well. There's always 11/11/11 and 12/12/12 right?

A friend gave Dan two tickets to an upcoming football game. In return, I promised that friend a batch of peanut butter pretzel balls. This friend's last name is Baker. I was so tempted to give him 13 peanut butter pretzel balls. A baker's dozen. I thought that would have been oh so very clever of me. I couldn't do it though. I made the balls a little bit too big to fit 13 of them into the container I wanted to use. I hope the football game is as good as those pretzel balls or it was not a fair trade.

If I ever had a store on Etsy, I'd name it The Tangled Squid. I have no idea what I'd sell. I have almost no skills in the handmade department. It'll probably never happen. If it does, I've got the name picked out. Nobody steal it please. It's mine. I searched for "the tangled squid" in the search box on Etsy. It took me here. Cute little onesies.

Speaking of Etsy, in my head I pronounce it eeeet-see. I guess you're supposed to pronounce it eht-see. That just sounds weird to me so I never say it out loud. If I buy someone a gift from Etsy and someone asks me where I bought it, I just say online.

I was reading a friend's post this week about her daughter's birth. It made me think about my doctor. It seemed kind of creepy that he mentioned almost every visit how I didn't have stretch marks on my pregnant belly. I have no idea how that happened. Maybe I just have good skin. Kind of weird that he commented about it so frequently though. My belly button never poked out either. I swore that if it did I'd stick a band aid on it to keep it an inny.

Danny keeps wanting me to tape the Mr. Potato Head mustache onto his chin. I keep telling him that's not where a mustache goes. He needs to watch some reruns of Magnum, P.I. so he can see a real mustache in action.

Dan and I stayed up way too late one night playing Name That Tune with t.v. theme songs. Dan found a site on the internet with loads and loads of t.v. songs. It was fun. Here's the Magnum, P.I. song. I'd download it and stick it in here but I have no idea how to do that.

I spilled a little bit of salt on my keyboard last week. I was watching one of my stories on hulu while I was making dinner. I blew off what I could but those little grains are tiny. Sometimes I feel a little crunch when I'm typing. Other times, the G doesn't work unless I go back and press harder and the space bar fails to make spaces where it should. It'sonlyslihtlyannoyin.

Cate says, "You a good helper, Mama" when I wipe her bum.

These apple pie squares look yummy...and I don't even like apple pie. I won't be baking them. I'm trying to not bake anything pumpkin related either. If I do, I'll eat too much. I'm trying to lose 3 pounds by Thanksgiving. That way, if I happen to eat too much pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving, I won't be sad that I gain those 3 pounds back.

Family pictures are tomorrow and I have a zit right under my bottom lip.

Danny and I were watching Lego Star Wars movies on YouTube a few nights ago. We watched this one several times. It's a good one. "The original Star Wars saga as told by a kid with one heck of a LEGO collection." Sadly, I have no idea what the kid is talking about half the time (and it's only two minutes and thirteen seconds long). Maybe I should watch the movies again and actually pay attention this time.

And a flashback, since it's Friday and I haven't done one in quite a while. I came across this picture of baby Danny while I was searching for that R2D2 cake.

I'm not one to get all sentimental about my babies growing up, wishing they would stay little, blah blah blah. But when I saw this picture, I just wanted to scoop him up one more time and smother him in kisses that he wouldn't wipe away. And then I remember the monthly ear infections and the not sleeping through the night until he was eighteen months old and I'm ok. Growing up isn't all that bad.

But dang, he was a cute baby.


Judy said...

cute Danny. And I never got stretch marks on my belly or an outy either. I don't think Jenny or Mary have either. Maybe it's genetic. I did get some stretch marks on my inner thighs when I was pregnant with Kris, I guess that's where all the fat went.

Janell R. Cropper said...

You've just got cute kids :) And that star wars video took me back to high school and my saturday trilogy marathons I would have with my friends. Does that make me a geek? :)

Bobie said...

Cathy you make me laugh. Dan has showed your blog a couple of differnt times. You might not make crafty stuff but you have a gift!! You remind me of where I was about 20 years ago. Wiping noses and butts and wondering if they would ever be self wiping. Keep it up!