Friday, September 3, 2010

mom stuff

sweet baby Ray (almost one month old) and me (waaaaaaaay more than one month old)

Some truths about me and all this mom stuff:

I'm not very good at wearing babies.
I like to be able to set them down if I need to.
I worry that they're going to get addicted to me holding them.
Danny got addicted to me holding him without wearing him on my chest.
Maybe I should have tried it anyway.
That's all water under the bridge now.
He loves me even though I didn't wear him.
I didn't wear Cate either.
She still loves me.
I tried wearing my newest nephew a few weeks ago.
We lasted less than 10 minutes.
It's me, not him.
Maybe he'll love me anyway some day.

I never made my own baby food.
I never even considered making my own baby food.
That's what all those baby food factories are for.
Plus, the jars are fun to wash and reuse.
The plastic ones are really good for collecting rolypollies and worms.

I never fed my babies avocados.
Isn't that supposed to be a great food for babies since it's mushy?
I don't like avocados so why would I make my babies eat them?
Guess what?
My kids love me anyway.
And they've still never eaten avocados.

I sometimes forget to brush my kids' teeth.
Good thing Danny remembers on his own now most days.

My babies don't sleep in my bed.
Never have, never will.
They're everywhere else in this house with me.
I've got to have one place that's mine.
Well, and Dan's too.

I'm glad I never had to wean a kid off a binky.
Danny stopped taking his around 3 or 4 months.
Cate quit before she was even 2 months.
I was kind of sad about that because I had bought some cute pink ones.

And now some aunt stuff:

I was privileged to babysit little Ray today while Judy went to work.
He's cute.
He doesn't sleep very much.
Kind of reminds me of my baby Danny.
Cate loves him a lot.
She wants to do everything I do with him.
Hold him.
Feed him.
Wipe his mouth with the burp rag.
Pat his back.
Change his diaper.

Danny actually talked to Ray today.
He's not shown any interest in him up until now.
It was very cute to see.

I remembered today that when there's a little baby around, not much gets done.
Except if you count walking around.
I did lots of that.

Here's some other pictures I found of me being an aunt.
These pictures were all taken 7ish years ago. I was 30.
Notice the lovely wrinkles by my eyes in that picture at the top.
They weren't there 7ish years ago.

Isn't it great how I've aged so gracefully?
(See? Not complaining. Finding the positive.)


carolina said...

Hi! You have such a cute blog and a cute little family! I'm your newest follower:)

Amber said...

Don't feel bad. The more I read about your mom stuff, the more times I said, 'me too'. The only thing I couldn't agree on was the binky thing. My daughter LOVED her binky, but I abruptly took it away at a year old along with the bottle at the same time my son was born. I worried, but she was OK with it.
Oh, and my kids still love me too even without all that stuff, always have.

steph said...

I thought of this post when I saw this picture on Twitter

Aloha_Misty said...

I love the picture of you and little Raymond...even if you don't like to carry him around in it! What a beautiful little boy. I start babysitting tomorrow for a baby whose mom goes back to work. I think it might be because I haven't got to hold little Ray yet :)

Tina Peterson said...

That picture of you "wearing" baby Ray is really cute. He's looking right at the camera.

I'm following you now. Thanks for visiting my blog and following me today. =D

Tina "The Book Lady"

Ewa said...

so sweet,love that first photo! Beautiful

Joy McMillan said...

Oh, how fantastically refreshing {and perfectly imperfect} you are!

Isn't it so freeing not trying to live up to other's expectations of what a good mom "should" do, and just going with the flow? Our kids are resilient, God is good, tomorrow is another day...I'm in!'s your hair? {just kidding}

Love your complaining go girl!

Chrisanne said...

Your blog is dangerous! Why? Because I like to click on your links and end up spending WAYYYYY more time that I meant to reading all your fun different blog posts. But I still like it :) Even if it is hazardous...

Chrisanne said...

PS That top picture is truly gorgeous of you!