Wednesday, September 29, 2010

a helpful tip in the kitchen

Check your pantry before going to the store to buy the spices you need for a new recipe.

If you find the recipe in a magazine at the gym and then go straight to the store afterward because you simply must make that chili as soon as possible, call home to have your husband check the pantry for you.

Don't just assume that since you almost never cook with spices that you don't have the ones you need for the new recipe.

If you don't follow this helpful tip, you might just end up with more chili powder and ground cumin than you'll ever use in your lifetime.

Unless you make a lot of turkey chili.

And I just might end up making a lot of turkey chili from here on out.

It's yummy.

Here's the recipe for turkey chili. Make it. 'Tis the season for chili, right?

If you need chili powder or ground cumin, I'll let you borrow some. I've got plenty.

A little warning for people who've never used ground cumin before: It smells like b.o. It makes the chili taste wonderful but man, does it stink!


steph said...

LOL! I do this all the time and cumin does smell like bo!

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

SO agree! But, it's recommended not to keep most spices for longer than 6 months once they are opened, and some can go for a year. Now I date the top as soon as I open it. Then I don't feel so bad when I have to throw it out because I have 4 more.

Cat Glazner said...

AGREED! It does smell bad, and I never used it until I made Chicken Tortilla soup, and I pronounced Cumin the way it sounds...lets just say I am glad my friend totally corrected me, cause I was so embarrassed saying it! yikes!

Cathy said...

It's a good thing 4 of those little containers have never been opened!

Candis Ellis said...

Hi Cathy!
I am finally catching up on blogs...sorry for the lack of comments lately :)

We need to go see another movie!

Bec and Doug said...

Feel free to mail your extra cumin and chili powder over to Denver... I use it all the time in my shredded beef (or chicken) burritos. Yummy!!

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

OH, please send me along with the cumin to Denver!!! I need a dose of normal people and mountains!