Monday, September 20, 2010

confession: I'm a hoarder

I'm not a big time hoarder. Just an amateur really.

I don't collect anything. I don't like clutter. I am organized.

There's no crap on my kitchen counters.

A place for everything and everything in its place. I take that very seriously.

I think I'm kind of like my grandma. She saved band-aid containers (back when they were made out of metal) and stored random nails and screws in them. She also saved all different sizes of metal hooks and who knows what else. As long as it fit in those little metal containers and could be sorted by size, shape or color, she saved it.

She also saved Cool Whip containers. She washed them, dried them and kept them for sending home leftovers after Sunday dinner when I was in college. I think it was quite brilliant of her actually. That way, she never had to part with any of her precious Tupperware containers. Can you spot the vintage Cool Whip container I found in the garage? It has a handle and a spout. I'll be saving that one forever. It's vintage!

And now, I save Cool Whip containers too. I also save yogurt, cottage cheese and margarine containers. I especially like the smaller containers of sour cream and cream cheese. I don't put anything in these containers, mind you. I just wash them and stack them in the cupboard. I could recycle them but I can't bring myself to part with them. I might need them some day.

Sometimes I use them when I'm painting. I just pour some paint into a yogurt container and then I don't waste money on those paint bowls you buy at Home Depot, the ones with the little metal bar to wipe your brush on. I find that little metal bar is totally unnecessary so I just use my yogurt containers. Plus, there's a lid. No wasting paint when I have to take a break to change a diaper or break up a fight.

Plastic peanut butter jars are another favorite. I clean them out and stack them in the cupboard too. I have a hard time building up my stash though. They're perfect for collecting worms, grasshoppers and roly polies.

So there you have it. I'm an amateur hoarder.

Anything you'd like to confess?


Lana said...

Ok, I have a hard time using up the last of anything. Like corn...we freeze it every year, but I use it sparingly until I see that the next year's crop is up and producing! Apply that to any food. Drives my husband nuts and me too, so I am trying to fight it and use it.

Ireland Family said...

I am the opposite of hoarder, mostly. If it has not been used in 6 months,it is out! The exception being Seasonal Decor, scrapbooking supplies and books. My husband sometimes hates it, but every time we have moved it has made it a little less daunting a task.

Bec and Doug said...

Unfortunately, since you wash out the yogurt and Cool Whip containers you'll never get on those TV shows. Apparently you have to horde things that are originally filthy or things that become filthy after a while. Your neat little stacks will never provide your 15 minutes of fame. Sorry to break the bad news...

Kevin said...

I am S H O C K E D! Where do you hide your little collection?

Shoni said...


I left you a blog award on my site! I look forward to all your posts and enjoy the stories and crafty ideas.

Take care!

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

Better a hoarder than a hoar.

Will i get in trouble for this? I waited to post it until everyone would miss it. :)