Sunday, September 12, 2010

blogs I read: it's murn's turn

Marion and I grew up in the same town.
My parents have lived there for over 32 years.
Her parents have lived there for longer than that.

Marion is younger than me so we didn't really play together as kids.
She played with my younger sister though.
And our families went to church together.

I lost touch with Marion many years ago.
Recently we've found each other again on facebook.

Marion lives in the San Francisco area.
It's beautiful there.
I'm jealous that she gets to go for a run on the Golden Gate Bridge any old time she pleases.

Murn (that's the nickname I never knew she had) started her blog in January as a way to journal her weight loss journey.
According to the ticker at the top of her blog, she's lost 65.8 pounds so far.
I'm pretty sure Mondays are her weigh-in days so I'm hoping that number goes up tomorrow!

Go to her blog.

It's Murn's Turn

Read it.
Leave a comment.
Follow her if you want.

Learn how to cook okra.
Be jealous that she went to the Oprah show.
Admire her adorable pooch.

Go check out It's Murn's Turn!
You'll be glad you did.

Love ya, Marion!

You're amazing!


Marion said...

I cant believe you did a blog on my blog! You are equally awesome! Thank you!!!
Yes....Murn is a name that Rob Candler or Christopher Reder came up for me in high school. I think it really came out of a lazy version of Marion. SOmehow it followed me to California. I dont love the name but it seems to of stuck esp at work. My friend Teresa came up with "Murn's Turn" and it is catchy so I used it.

Thanks again Cathy!

aumie said...

Thank you for stopping by. Repaying the love from Relax & Surf!