Monday, August 23, 2010

school's starting without me

my first students

Twelve years ago they were starting second grade.
This year they're starting their second year of college.

I feel old.

I miss having a classroom this time of year.
I miss getting my bulletin boards ready.
I miss lining up the desks in straight rows.
I miss the Word Wall and the Book Nook.
I miss my color coordinated file folders.
I miss the smell of the laminating machine in the teachers' workroom.
I miss new notebooks, new pencils, new markers and new kids.

I don't miss bus duty.
I always hated bus duty.
And recess duty.
I hated that too.

I know I'll stop missing that other stuff in about a week.
I always do.

For tonight, I miss it.

If you see me tomorrow wearing my denim jumper,
cardigan with red apples and ABC's stitched on the front pockets
(with matching red apple earrings)
and sensible shoes,

you'll know why.


Ireland Family said...

I can see how you would miss it, at least for a week. One day, you will miss those kids being home all day at school. There are many days that I wish there were teaching jobs available around here, I would love to be in a classroom teaching Spanish!

Christie said...

Please promise me that no matter what happens, you will NOT wear a denim jumper or apple cardigan. Do I need to stage an intervention with your real life friends? I will if I have to. :-)

Lauren and Suzy said...

I felt the same way-and I only quit back in February. I have bought school supplies every year since I wasn't in school anymore just to make me feel better about NOT starting school. Maybe you need some huckleberry sundae and a new notebook to feel better? And there is nothing wrong with apple cardigans and denim jumpers, its the sensible shoes I have issues with :) Suzy

colds1 said...

I miss teaching PE. I have the urge to pull out my whistle. I loved my whistle. Sigh.

Kate Daly said...

bus duty? hahahahaha oh man those were the days! Of course I was always the one getting ON the bus not attending to my duty for bus duty...but I can just see you know.....

becs_2 said...

*Love* it. My mom was a 5th grade teacher and reading your list made me miss all those things, too. :) Thanks for the comment on my blog! It's so nice to know when people are reading and enjoying!


Wahzat Gayle said...

ahhhh sending you hugs!

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

this makes me realize just how much I love teachers for what they do. if you wanna come buy my supply list you are welcome to do so. :)