Sunday, August 1, 2010

I got nothin'

That's how I'm feeling about the blog stuff lately. I've spent the past week worrying about the lesson I taught in church today. There hasn't been room in my brain for much else.

Grama Bama went home on Wednesday.

I can't even remember what happened on Thursday.

I attended a funeral on Friday.

Yesterday I worried about my lesson the majority of the day. I took a break to bake some zucchini bread. That's about it.

I have 59 posts in my drafts folder. There they shall sit until I can make my brain recover from the damage summer has done to it.

I wake up early to exercise. Sometimes I come home and Danny is awake. Other days he and Cate are both still sleeping. It's hit and miss. I can't count on morning to give me any quiet time to think or write. Not sure I'd be able to produce anything interesting anyway.

I could fill up space with cute pictures of my kids, but I'm not sure I took very many of those this week.

Maybe nap time will be good to me tomorrow afternoon. Maybe I won't feel guilty if I decide to sit in a chair and complete one of those 59 posts instead of folding laundry or cleaning a bathroom or two. We'll see.

I pretty much don't have a moment to myself from about 4:00 until the kids go to bed (which is way too late if you ask me...and it's all my fault anyway so I deserve it). I thought I might have a chance tonight but then bath time went long (when they're getting along nicely it's hard to cut it short). Cate got upset about me brushing her teeth. Then she puked on Dan and he had to take a shower. So here I sit at almost 10:00. Blogging about nothing.

I'm going to bed. In an attempt to not be too inspiring tonight, I leave you with this true story of why I am probably in the lead for the Craptastic Mother of the Year Award.

I was in the car with Danny this week. I can't remember where we were going. All I know is that it was hot and I was tired, frustrated and ready for the day to be over.

From the backseat I heard, "Mama?" and I replied with a heavy sigh and a kind of grouchy "What, Danny?"

"Never mind."

Then in a little less grouchy tone of voice I said, "What do you need, Danny?"

"Nothing. I was gonna say I wuv you but now I'm not."




Marion said...

You are a spectacular mom and no matter what you type or dont type here...I wont believe anything different!

Dan said...

Too bad you didn't take a picture of me after Cate threw-up. It really was a spectacular pukage. You could have posted it and had sumthin.

Loved your post anyway.

Tony said...

I find that when I'm feeling like I don't want to blog, that's the time that I need to blog the most.

Judy said...

Thanks for finally blogging. It's such a letdown when I check several times and day and still see the same thing. Danny's funny.

Dan said...

Tony, you've been blogging for three days, what do you know about blogging!?!

(Actually, I found your comment very profound. Can I modify it and use it in Sunday School?)