Sunday, July 4, 2010

the weekend in pictures

Dan and Danny went camping on Thursday (not technically the weekend but they spent the night and came home Friday and that is the weekend so it counts). It was Danny's second time sleeping away from home without me (the first time was the night I was at the hospital birthing his baby sister). He had a good time and actually survived the night so it's all good. I think he was a little disappointed that there were no bears in the caves and tunnels they were exploring. Maybe next time.

Grama Bama flew into town on Friday afternoon. We quickly hooked her up with a tall glass of diet soda with ice and kept the refills flowing. It's good to have here back where she belongs.

Cate kept the kisses flowing. Good grief, I have an adorable little girl.

I made oodles of cupcakes for the Hunsaker Clan's family outing at Judy's house.

Good grief, I have a handsome husband.

Here's a closer look at Cate's hair. I am thrilled beyond words that her hair is finally long enough to be brushed all the way up from the sides and made into two little piggies. Thrilled I tell you. I have been looking forward to this since we found out we were expecting a girl.

Have I mentioned lately that I have an adorable little girl? Well, I do. It's worth repeating.

I made a flag cake for the Hunsaker Clan's family outing to celebrate my sister's husband's sister's birthday. I'll be making this again. I need to perfect my cake making skills. Next time, the blue needs to be thicker and the red and white layers need to be cut in half a titch more evenly. They look like I asked my three-year-old to cut them for me.

Here's the inside. The layers are just pathetic. I can't believe I'm even showing this.

My adorable little daughter (who is growing up around a bunch of little boys...not that there's anything wrong with that) worked on her skateboarding skills after dinner.

Danny played with cousin Ethan (who flew in with Grama Bama).

Cate continued to perfect her skateboarding skills.

I tried to get a decent picture of my kids. It was windy. Check out Cate's bangs. She didn't quite understand me when I told her to close her mouth. We'll work on that.

Judy was kind enough to attempt to take a family picture for me. This is the best one of me so I picked it to share. Here are my feelings about it (since that's what Uncle Tim says blogs are good for...sharing your feelings).

Dan is handsome. Cate is cute. Danny is adorable.

I have lots of wrinkles, big bags under my eyes and rolls of blubber under that t-shirt. I need braces and some major teeth whitening. I hate my hair.

Despite all that, we're a pretty good looking family.

Today I woke up at 5:40 to make another cake for another family outing. We drove to Hooper for a baby blessing and then lunch in Dan's sister's backyard. All of it was lovely. I took exactly zero pictures. It's a shame too because I had been planning our coordinating red, white and blue outfits for well over a month.

Maybe I'll get a peek at the ones the real live photographer snapped of us, complete with mustard on my shirt, raspberry stains on Cate's dress and Danny's sleeve that he used as a napkin.

I'm pretty sure our family picture was taken before the bird pooped on my shoulder. It's a good thing too. Slimy grayish black was not part of our coordinating color scheme for the day.


colds1 said...

Tee hee hee ... sorry about that bird!

And thanks so much for the cake ... it was lovely!

Hunnygrams said...

The patriotic cake was really fun. Thank you for making it for us. It was great fun taking the first slice out since it appeared to be a plain white cake. The suspense! And it was very pretty and delicious. I owe you one.

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

Grama Bama is adorable, too. I need a nap after reading all that. What a fun weekend. I'm impressed with your cake. I don't want to see how you made it because it looks incredibly impossible and I like feeling so out of your league.

...and I think you are adorable, too.