Monday, July 26, 2010


I bought a swimsuit for the first time in 5 years. Before that one, I can't even tell you when the last time was that I bought a swimsuit. A decade ago. Maybe two. I wore my new swimsuit to the pool and a girl swam past me and told me she liked it. Then she gave me two thumbs up.

I was doing laundry at my sister's house a few weeks ago (because I'm super helpful). I noticed a book on her husband's bedside table (because I fold the laundry on their bed, not because I was snooping around). I don't remember the exact title but it was something about "What to say when...." It gave suggestions of what to say to people in sad/difficult/stressful situations. Some of the topics were about when your loved one gets a divorce, when your loved one experiences a death in the family, when your loved one's child is homosexual, and when your loved one criticizes you about your weight. Here's my favorite though: what to say when your loved one gets a face lift. And the advice: What she wants to hear is that she looks 10 years younger so indulge her! So now you all know what to say to me when that day comes. Indulge me!

Summer days are looooooooooooooooooong. (I hate it when people add extra letters to words like that. I did it anyway. That's how the days feel. Looooooooooooooooooooong.)

I don't like taking my kids to the park. Danny's ok there. Not Cate. She enjoys climbing on those funky twisty ladders. She has no fear. She gets mad at me for standing next to the ladder so I can catch her if her foot slips. All I hear is "Me first! Me first!" as she climbs to the top.

Cate's had a few too many nights of taking a really long time to fall asleep lately. I'm just glad it's mostly Dan's job to deal with that and not mine. Danny's happy with a book, a hug and a kiss. I don't know what's going to happen when Dan goes back to school next month and I have to put her down for naps again. Never mind. I do know what's going to happen. She'll go back to crying herself to sleep at nap time. Oh, I can hardly wait.

Whenever I see an earwig in the bathroom, the first thing I do is grab a tissue and squish the crap out of it. Then I flush it down the toilet instead of throwing it in the trash, just in case I didn't squish it hard enough and it survived. Then I have a little freak out session in my head wondering if it was just up in the cabinet laying eggs on my toothbrush. I hate earwigs.

A few weeks ago at the gym, I wiped down the bike next to the one I had been riding. The old guy that was sitting next to the actual bike I had ridden was watching me do it too. I didn't figure out that I was cleaning off the wrong bike until I tried to find my headphones and water bottle. I thought it was weird that they were on the floor next to the other bike. Then I made eye contact with the guy and he made some comment about me cleaning the wrong bike. I chuckled and said something about getting it ready for the next person. It was embarrassing. I need to stop going to the gym before 7:00.

Cate wanted me to put a band-aid on a scab on her leg. I told her it was all better. She pointed to the scab and said, "Dog. Poop. Leg." Apparently, a scab on her leg means a dog pooped on her. And apparently, dog poop on her leg warrants a band-aid. (There I go talking about poop again. Sorry.)

Grandma let me take home a few slices of some of her bread last night. It's called squaw bread. I was interested so she let me have it. On the ride home, Danny wanted to taste it. I gave him some. Then he stuck some up his nose. I freaked. I closed his other nostril with my finger and told him to blow out of his nose. That's no easy task for a three-year-old. He was blowing out of his mouth at first. After a few blows, the little bread blob popped out. Then he told me there was more bread in his nose and proceeded to stick his finger up there. I freaked again because that was just going to shove it up higher. After a few blows that one came out too. When asked why he stuck blobs of bread up his nose he replied, "Because it smelled like poo."

I was watching Cupcake Wars yesterday. The guy was saying something about the cupcakes satisfying their sweet tooths. Is that really the plural of sweet tooth? Shouldn't it be sweet teeth? It sounds kind of strange either way.

I bought a bag of dill pickle flavored cashews at Target a few weeks ago. They were on sale for 84¢ (marked down from 99¢). I can't pass up a good deal. It's a good thing too because they were quite yummy.

Sometimes when people say things to me like "enjoy them when they're young" and "don't wish them older" and "they grow up so fast" and other stuff like that about my kids, I wonder if it's ok for me to just wish for them to both be fully potty trained. That's ok, right?

I'm happy that it's supposed to rain almost every day this week. I like the rain.


Marion said...

First of are super skinny so you have absolutely no reason to be shy about a swim suit! I love the yellow one you showed on your blog! I am glad you now know exactly what to say to all your friends when they get their facelifts!
Hope your kids getting potty trained very quickly!

Cat Glazner said...

First of all, I LOVE YOU! Its ok to say that only meeting you once right? and reading your blog? lol. You are super thin, you totally rocked your swimsuit! I also love the rain. LOVE LOVE LOVE the rain, I love how cloudy it gets, how everything seems to slow down and hushed, I love the smell it brings. AND I also hate Earwigs. EWWW. YES, totally fully potty trained is OK to wish upon our kids. =) (Love your blog!)


Dan said...

What's worse than cleaning the wrong bike is when you go to get the paper towel to clean it off, and somebody else gets on the bike before you get back. So then what do you do?

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

Who is Cat? Tell her I am your BFF! :)

The suit looks awesome. Let's see it on you, missy!

Bread up the nose...eouuuuuuuuuuuw :)

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

I need a cute swimming suit, problem is it won't look cute on.