Wednesday, June 23, 2010

what cate did this afternoon

...instead of taking a nap
(for at least the fifth day in a row)

browsed the Victoria's Secret swimsuit catalog
(looking for something suitable for me, not least that's what I'm hoping)

I have no idea why that catalog ended up in our mailbox.
It was addressed to Current Resident.
Maybe we're still on their mailing list from when Grandma used to order stuff.
I don't know. Let's just leave it at that.

played with Danny's dump truck
(and his garbage truck and his tractors and a few of his tools)

pushed her doll around in her new vintage baby buggy
(that her Grauntie Nancy gave unto her for her birthday)

scattered toy food, plates and utensils all over the floor
(while thoroughly enjoying the new vintage kitchen that Grama Bama gave unto her)

other things she did this afternoon instead of taking a nap:

kept me company in the bathroom, twice
wandered around
asked for Det-det (cousin Jarrett)
ate a lot of cheese
took one bite of a banana
played with Danny's Star Wars legos
pulled the elastic band out of her hair, twice

and then finally she crashed
at 4:30
in her Cinderella chair

I heard a thud about 30 minutes later.
This is what I found.

Here's what Danny did, starting around 5:00.

I'm predicting a 10:00 bedtime tonight.
(if I'm lucky)

Oh, joy.


steph said...

It has to be because you turned 37 - d!&* odd number years!

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

Bless her lil' heart!

Dan said...

Dang! my kids are stinkin' cute!