Tuesday, June 8, 2010

use the force and a rolling pin

As soon as I saw these Star Wars cookie cutters on Bakerella's blog, I knew I had to have them. Luckily, I have a wonderful sister-in-law that knew I had to have them too. Except she didn't give them to me directly. She gave them to Dan for his birthday (knowing darn well who would appreciate them the most...actually, Danny might appreciate them the most but I'm a very close second).

She emailed me and asked what I thought about them as a gift for Dan (since she knew darn well who would be doing all the work to get those Star Wars cookies baked and decorated). I quickly replied Yes! Get them! Wahoo! Yippee! I love them! I mean Dan would love them! (or something like that)

Yoda is my favorite. He always has been. He always will be. Have you ever seen such an adorable cookie? If E.T. was a cookie, he'd make it a tough competition. For now, Yoda wins.

Even without the frosting (since I have never frosted a cookie with all that piping and flooding and whatnot and I don't think I have the patience to figure it out at this point in my life and since Danny doesn't even care about frosting on cookies anyway), Yoda's the best.

I'm pretty sure the stormtrooper was Danny's favorite. I just love to hear him say stormtrooper because it comes out of his mouth sounding more like "bum poop-uh." It makes me chuckle every single time.

Darth Vader has never been so sweet.

I'm not even really sure where Boba Fett came from. Who is Boba Fett? Beats me. Danny acted like he'd never heard of him either and he's watched all the movies eighteen bajillion times.

Cate had a good time sitting on the counter bugging the crap out of me while I tried to roll out the cookies. She's got quick little fingers. I think she ate the equivalent of at least two cookies in raw dough. When I moved all the dough out of her reach, she just ate the flour instead. Gross.

Now I think I need to get one of these personalized aprons for Danny for his birthday. I'm not sure if I can wait that long though. I'm not even sure he'll still love Star Wars in six months. Who am I kidding? Those bum poop-uhs aren't going anywhere any time soon.

I'm also wondering if Dan would make me breakfast in bed if I bought him these pancake molds for Father's Day. It could happen. Probably not though, since I don't like pancakes and I really don't like eating in my bed.

I know for sure that I need to learn how to use royal icing for all that piping and flooding and whatnot on top of these cookies. Yoda needs some decoration. He needs to be green.

Thanks for Dan's birthday present, Cindy. Now I can add learn how to properly frost sugar cookies to my list of "Things I Don't Know How to Do but Really Wish I Had the Time and Patience to Learn."


Judy said...

You could just put green food coloring in the dough. That'd be much easier than figuring out the frosting.

Glenora said...

Genius, Judy!

colds1 said...

Dang! Those are cute! (I got myself the pancake molds ... maybe we can make something in them besides pancakes ...)