Monday, June 28, 2010

fun for kids: homemade paint

I made sidewalk paint for Danny and Cate on Saturday. They didn't actually paint on the sidewalk though. It was more like driveway paint. All you need is cornstarch, water, food coloring and paintbrushes. Clothes that are ok to get dirty would be helpful too. I haven't tried to wash theirs yet so I'm not sure how badly the driveway paint stains.

I'm feeling pretty clever because I used a plastic egg carton instead of lots of little bowls to hold the paint. I ended up having to put the whole thing into a tupperware container because the two middle egg spots have little holes in the bottoms. That's ok though. It was still very clever of me.

Turns out you can paint more than just the driveway with homemade driveway paint. Danny painted a leaf, a rock and a tree trunk.

Cate tried to paint Scratchy.

And if you happen to enjoy eating paintbrushes, homemade driveway paint is a lot better for you than regular paint (at least that's what I'm hoping). No lasting side effects that I can see yet.

When all the colors got completely mixed up in the egg carton, we just dumped the whole thing into the tupperware. Cate liked that better anyway.

As the paint dried, it turned into goop. You know that stuff you used to make when you were a kid. Cornstarch and water mixed together. Roll it in a ball in the palm of your hand. After you leave it for a few seconds it turns liquidy. Then you roll it again and it's a solid. Then back to liquid. Did anyone else make that stuff or was it just me?

Clean up was easy. We just abandoned the tupperware container and let it dry. I banged it on the counter and it turned into lots of little chunks, kind of like chalk dust. Then I dumped it into the trash. I'm not sure how easily it cleans off the driveway though. I haven't attempted that yet.
We'll be making this paint again soon. It kept Danny and Cate busy for almost 20 whole minutes!

Then Danny walked away and stepped on a spider. Cate decided maybe she wasn't done with the fun. She picked up a paintbrush and brushed the spider and his guts right onto her foot.
The fun never ends around here.


Arlene (CO Kid) said...

Fabulous pictures! I am ready to make some. But they don't have sidewalks in these parts. I think it gives you some mom points.

I started making GOOP in 1976 when I taught PreSchool. You...not even born yet! Haha

Glenora said...

That does not look like a spider - consult the entomologist for verification please.

Cathy said...

Arlene, I was actually 3 when you started making goop. I could have been in your preschool class! Does that make you feel old enough?

Mom, it WAS a spider. I'm sure of it.

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

I'm still bad at math obviously. Wow, my first kids ever are OLD!!!! I don't seem to age, however. Fat smooths out swrinkles.

That was a TX sized spider!

Ella said...

Cathy, it's been awhile! And you haven't blogged that much. I love this paint idea and will be adding it to my art recipes!