Saturday, June 12, 2010

family photo booth

Our neighbor got married yesterday.

We went to her reception last night.

We ate little pieces of cake with little forks.

We stepped inside the photo booth.

Here's the breakdown.

Grumpy Danny
Me with eyes really wide open (I have no idea why)
Dan looking quite handsome
Cute Cate

Danny warming up to the fun of the photo booth
Me looking like a dork, eyes still wide open
Scared Dan
Cate getting squished

Then Dan said, "Let's hold 'em upside down!"


Danny being held too far upside down so he's out of the shot
Gravity is enhancing the bags under my eyes...lovely
Dan looks like he's having fun, right?
So does Cate, right?

Danny's sweet smiling face (finally)
The bags are still under my eyes, without gravity to blame this time.
Scary Dan
Cate's belly...still having fun, right?

Best 15 seconds of my day.

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Dan said...

I know I left a comment on this post. Where did it go?
Are you deleting my posts?