Friday, May 21, 2010

happy birthday, pac-man

I made these cupcakes for my nephew, Ricky's birthday last summer. It was hot outside and the fondant was melting. I kind of liked it melty though. The ghosts drooped nicely off the edges of the cupcakes and everything was shiny.

Here's how I decorated the extras.

All this to show off what a wonderful cake decorator I am (toot toot...that's my own horn).

I don't think my family bought PAC-MAN when it first came out. I'm pretty sure I was a little older than 6 when we bought our Atari. I do know that when we finally did get our first gaming system, we spent $88 for it at Walmart (and by we I mean my mom). Plus, we didn't have a VCR or a microwave until I was in junior high (maybe even high school) so I know we weren't in any hurry to get the cool new stuff.

If you love PAC-MAN (and you really should), you can go to the Google homepage today and play game after game after game (like I've been doing all afternoon). What a great way to celebrate the little yellow guy's 30th birthday.


steph said...

If you hit insert coin twice on google - ms. pacman shows up and it is a two player game. Use WASD keys for ms. pacman.

Your cupcakes are GREAT! I am super impressed.

colds1 said...

I still adore those cupcakes. Sigh.

Judy said...

And we only got a microwave because one of the moms of kids that mom babysat bought it for us.

Ella said...

Seriously amazing. PS-I called you kind-of-crazy on my blog post just now. Sorry. I also called you a friend and that should count for something.

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

Those are so stinkin' cute! I might have to try something like that for fun some time soon! =)