Monday, March 15, 2010

two outta three ain't bad

Upon returning from his workout one evening, Dan told me that my husband used to be old, fat and out of shape. Now he's still old, but the fat and out of shape parts are getting taken care of. (Those are his words, not mine. I'd never call him old.)

So here's the Forty by Forty update.

It's been eight weeks. As of Friday morning (our last weigh-in), we have both lost exactly the same amount of weight. That might not be true anymore though. We went out to eat with Grandma and Aunt Nancy on Saturday. Some of us pigged out on cheese fries and ultimate dipping sauce.

Despite all that greasy goodness, Dan and I are 70% of the way to our goal. I'm still eating celery. I still don't love it. I'm ok with oatmeal now. It's all I've eaten for breakfast for 8 weeks. I'm never going to love it. As long as it's apples and cinnamon flavored, I can handle it. I haven't had a bite of Ben and Jerry's since January 16th. I miss those guys and their frozen chocolaty goodness.

Ben and Jerry's

Sometimes two outta three ain't all that good either.

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