Wednesday, March 17, 2010

no green eggs and ham

I was thinking about making something special for dinner tonight. Maybe something Irish to celebrate this special greenish day. Maybe just something green. Here's what I came up with:

We won't be eating green eggs and ham. I have a hard enough time getting my kids to eat food in its normally colored state. Plus, how on earth do you turn eggs and ham green? I've tried to make green scrambled eggs before. They turned out gray.

We won't be eating Irish stew. I looked at some recipes. They all had beer in them. I don't have any beer handy right now. Plus, we had stew last Wednesday. Danny didn't eat it and Cate only ate the meat.

We won't be having shamrock sugar cookies for dessert. I considered making some because I found a sugar cookie recipe that's really good. And because I have a shamrock cookie cutter. And because I have white frosting left over from our Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss celebration.

We'll most likely be eating some Irish soda bread. I found a recipe that looks yummy and, best of all, easy. I'm all about being easy.

We'll also be feasting on these edible shamrocks. So easy (hooray again) and, best of all, my kids will probably eat them. They actually like peppers.

I'm not sure about the main course for our dinner. Looks like we might just be eating peppers and bread tonight. I'm not into the whole corned beef and cabbage thing. It's stinky.

One more thing for sure: a great big bowl of broccoli for Dan. It's green and oh, how he loves his broccoli.

It's your lucky day, Dan!


Ella said...

Baked Potato Soup is so yummy. I love this one and it's way healthier than the usual version. And it would go great with your bread! I love those bell peppers! And I make scrambled eggs green by pureeing spinach into the milk I'm going to add to the eggs. You know I'm always adding in spinach... And are we ever going to be walking buddies again?

Judy said...

I make green eggs (and blue, and sometimes red, although that kinda freaks me out) all the time because my kids love eggs so much. Maybe you aren't adding enough food coloring. I've never had a problem. The ham is harder though. I've tried it and turned out with green polka dots. I like the broccoli idea. Broccoli really is my favorite.

Dan said...

Dinner was delicious! Thanks for not making broccoli.