Thursday, February 11, 2010

thirteenth anniversary of a first

Alternate titles for this post:

How to Make Sure You Have a Date for Valentine's Day

Who Kisses a Girl for the First Time Just Three Days Before Valentine's Day?

Transform your Friend/Hang-out Buddy/Jogging Partner into your Valentine with Just One Kiss

Thirteen years
{and many kisses}

and now I have


and this...

and best of all


photos by Candis


Barty Family said...

AAwwwwww! That almost made me cry. Super Bowl Sunday hasn't been the same since the schmooping talk.

Cathy said...

I know. What was I thinking? No schmooping? That's crazy talk.

Candis Ellis said...

My favorite title is the "how to transform you friend...etc into your valentine" one. That is so cute! LOVE how happy Dan is in that pic!

Colorado Kid said...

so sweet! i think i love candis. can i hang out with her and learn some things?

Cathy said...

Candis, I agree. It's nice to see Dan happy since he's usually such a grump.

C.K., I love Candis too. I'm sure she'd love to hang out and teach you a thing or two!