Tuesday, January 12, 2010

a picture's worth

I try to take a few really good pictures of my kids with Grama Bama and Grandpa when they come to visit. (Really good by my standards, of course. I'm no professional. My camera's seen better days. I have no fancy lenses.) They're only here a few times a year (for Grandpa, it's usually once a year...unless there's a new baby on the scene). I remember when Grama Bama visited the summer after Danny was born. He was 7 or 8 months old. I took lots of pictures. The night before she was leaving to go home, Dan made a comment to me about how the next time she saw our baby, he wouldn't even be a baby any more.

I think about that each time she's come to visit since that summer. I could feel sad that she lives so far away. I could feel sad for my kids because they don't live down the street from her. I could feel sad that they're growing up and getting bigger and all she gets to see is pictures. But I don't. You don't have to live down the street from your grandma to love her or to know that she loves you.

Don't get me wrong though, Grama Bama. I would not object to you living down the street. Neither would Danny and Cate. It would be rather nice indeed. Any time. I'd even send Dan to Alabama to help load the moving van. Heck, I'd even let him drive it for you.

Anyway, all that to say the picture up there is probably my favorite one of Danny with Grama Bama from her most recent visit. I love that Danny's smiling all on his own and not with his big cheesy grin (the result of me trying to trick him into smiling by telling him not to smile). I just wish I could figure out how to remove that can of Diet Dr. Pepper from the shot.

Grandpa is a little bit trickier. I realized today that I didn't take a picture of Danny alone with Grandpa this time. I got a good one of Cate with him but not Danny. Here's another one of my favorites though. Grandpa sleeping sitting up (how does he do that?) while Grama Bama and Danny play with his new toy garbage truck (kind of strange but he loves it) and Cate just looks on, trying to be included.

I'm pretty sure off to the right is Dan, probably watching football, maybe sleeping sitting up.


Aloha_Misty said...

The picture of Grandma Bama and Danny looks like a Dr. Pepper ad :)

Colorado Kid said...

Great pictures!

I know how to make the DP go away! ;)

Ella said...

That really is such a sweet picture! I'm sad that Danny isn't in Jane's nursery class. I was really counting on that to get an "in" with you. But there's always Lost.

Ella said...

I mean sunbeam class, obviously.

Cathy said...

Maybe Dr. Pepper should pay me. Hmmmmm. I'm sending the picture your way, C.K. Work your magic! Ella, maybe your "in" could be teaching me how to use my sewing machine for something other than a dust collector. Just a thought.

JCM said...

I love the picture of Mom and Danny. That's a really good one Cathy. You know though, that look is the one we all try to capture in a great photo of her with one of her grandbabies. She's great, isn't she? Oh - and Danny's pretty darn adorable in this one too!

Cathy said...

They're quite a pair, JCM. Two peas in a pod.