Friday, January 1, 2010

out with the old

Not far enough out though.
I would have preferred it to be out in the backyard getting buried by snow so I no longer have to look at it.
It's almost twelve years old and has seen better days (the ones before children and cats).

For now, the old couch sits in the dining room.
The plus side is that I now have enough seating for twelve, maybe thirteen.
Bring on the dinner party, Candis.
I hope you don't mind sitting on the old couch.

Any bets as to how long it will remain part of the dining room decor?
I'm afraid to even think about it.


woo hoo!

Dan wasted no time breaking it in.
Same with Danny.

new year
new couch

Does it get much better than this?

(New dress size would be nice too, I guess. I'm thinking down, not up.)

p.s. If anyone is in the market for a free couch, it's sitting in my dining room. My trash could be your treasure, right? If you're really nice, I might even throw in free delivery. I'm pretty sure it doesn't get much better than that.


Janell Cropper said...

Love the new couch! We're interested in the free old one. When can we come look at it?

Cathy said...

Woo hoo, Janell! Check your facebook. I sent you a message.

Candis Ellis said...

Okay, I am a slow blog checker. SO BUSY with my fantastic life and all.

I have much to comment; however, it's 2 AM and I have already forgotten most of it. Saw you driving down the road with the couch in the back of the truck today, got really excited :)

Loved your getting to know you post...although I would like to see a more crafty, olive eating Cathy, I will be happy with the super-clean, super-fun and inspirational Cathy that I know.

Love the new couch, did I say that already? Also did I mention that one of my New Years resolutions is actually named after you? It's called the "Get my house organized, Cathy Style" resolution. I think you should be proud.

Okay, I think that was most of it...Is the dinner party still on even if the couch is gone? Hope so. :)

Colorado Kid said...

I'm so glad you have a blog!! (Arlene)

Cathy said...

Candis, you will never ever see an olive-eating Cathy. The crafty Cathy packed up and left around the time Danny was born. She might be back some day. I'm sad to tell you that "Cathy Style" organizing just means to make things look presentable in the kitchen and living rooms. Then shove the rest into a closet and keep all the bedroom doors closed!

Cathy said...

Me too, Arlene! I'm so glad YOU have a blog!

JCM said...

Oh dear sister. Much to comment on for today's post.

1) Never in my life would I have imagined you would have a couch in your dining room a la Mom & Dad. Finally - proof you're human like the rest of us!

2) Love the new couch.

3) Can I have the old couch? Free delivery counts to Vermont too, right? :)

4) When in the world was there ever an olive-eating Cathy?

5) She's crafty, she's got the moves, she's crafty - even since Danny's been born. And you always will be.

Happy New Year!

Cathy said...

Oh dear sister. The couch is gone now. It was delivered the next day to some good people who wanted it. I'm back to not being human anymore.

There was never (and never will be) an olive-eating Cathy. Those things are nasty.