Saturday, December 19, 2009

we saw the lights

Our little family outing began with a dose of public transportation.
It was probably Danny's favorite part of the evening.
It was probably not my favorite part of the evening.

Here he is staring at the TRAX tracks and so very obediently
keeping his toes behind the yellow line.

and then not so very obediently smiling for a picture

Danny became our personal photographer for the evening.
I'm doing that silly pose for a reason.

The picture right before this one...

was this one.

So I learned my lesson.
Danny doesn't aim high so you have to get down low
or else you might have your head chopped off.

A kind stranger offered to take this next picture for us.
Danny's closing his eyes on purpose.
What a stinker.

I got him to smile for me by telling him that I did not want him to smile for me.
It works every time.

Our little family outing ended with another dose of public transportation.

A few minutes after this picture was taken,
Cate suffered a mega meltdown.
She squirmed.
She screamed.
People stared.
I held her up so they could see who was doing all the screaming.
She didn't like that so she screamed some more.

It was ugly.

But the lights were pretty.


Judy said...

I'm just wondering why you braved TRAX. That part was just a totally unnecessary accident waiting to happen.

Cathy said...

Because Danny loves trains. duh!