Monday, December 7, 2009

does the easy bake oven come in blue?

because I've got a little boy here who knows how to make birthday cake

(in his own words)

all by mine belf

(all by case you don't speak his language)


He got into the cupboard for a mixing container
(not exactly a bowl but it'll do)

and a measuring cup
(he chose the 1/4 cup one)

and the brown sugar

and the flour
(he chose cake flour, of course)

and into the fridge for some butter.

All of this while Dan and I were trying (in vain) to watch The Office on the actual t.v. (not on the computer) at the actual time it aired (not the next day).

I'm just glad I caught Danny before he got to the eggs and turned on the oven.
Although I don't think he'd be able to turn on the oven.
It's digital. Even his daddy hasn't figured it out yet.

I've also considered buying my little boy

an ironing board,
a vacuum cleaner
a shopping cart
for Christmas
(toy versions, of course).

Is that weird?

His baby sister plays with
Handy Manny tools,
the toy train
knows how to push a car around the floor making vroom vroom sounds.

Maybe she needs to find a little pink tool set
and a Malibu Barbie convertible under the tree on Christmas morning.

We're just breaking toy stereotypes all over the place.

And if Danny's interest in cleaning, baking and shopping continues,
someday I'll put him to work

and sit down to watch some more t.v.

all by mine belf!


Dan said...

I know how to use the oven.

Once again, excellent writing.

Cathy said...

I'd like to see you try.

Once again, thank you.

Candis Ellis said...

This made me laugh :)

Oh, and Danny and James are going to be best friends forever.